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5 Best Online Places To Order Your Delightful Healthy Holi Delicacies This Year

Health and fitness have become a necessity, not a luxury anymore. It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep an eye on our nutrition intake regularly, we tend to cheat and miss on our diet plans often. With Holi around the corner, the biggest problem that many of us are worried about is our weight loss goals and healthy eating. It’s hard to resist the temptation of indulging ourselves in Holi delicacies that are brought from outside or even made at our homes with a huge amount of sugar and oils. 

We feel guilty and dull, on actively ignoring our fitness resolutions. But at the same time, we do crave a binge meal that is low in fat. To solve the problem of making tailored food to keep us fit during the festive season, we have got some amazing online food delivery places that offer some amazingly sweet and savory healthy dishes for you, that can be consumed with lesser guilt. From keto to low-carb to meals for diabetics, we bring you a list of 5 dedicated online food delivery places that will help you to eat healthy and tasty this Holi without losing your fitness track.

1) Parafit– With no specific diet agenda like Keto or low-carb at the centre, this meal subscription service will have a nutritionist consult with you and then tailor a diet on the basis of that consultation. You can start with a 3-day trial and go up to a four-week plan, which you can renew as many times as you like. Expect a plethora of meal bowls, smoothies, pancakes, and desi food on the menu, and even a legitimately healthy pizza with a crust made from oats and sweet potatoes. You’re on your own for breakfast, but they do lunch, snacks, and dinner so you’ll be sorted for the rest of the day.

2) Eat Fit – An umbrella venture of Cure Fit (the health and fitness company best known for Cult.Fit), this subscription service – that also allows the purchase of single meals and snacks – is great for anyone that’s regular with their workout. You can sign up for anything from a Power Breakfast Plan to a Homestyle Dinner or Fruit Snack Plan. While the menu changes daily, you’ll find favorites like Lucknowi Chicken Biryani, Feta Cheese Green Salad, and Matcha Chia Puddings making regular comebacks.

3) Healthylicious Kitchen– This global cuisine South Delhi kitchen really puts the ‘custom’ back in custom-made. Going above and beyond tweaking something to your preferences, they can create a plan for you no matter what your diet needs – keto, low carb, weight gain, high-protein; they’ll figure it out. RX meal plans are also available, tailored to suit any medical condition you might need to cater to. Here, though, it’s about meal (not day) packs, so say you choose a 30-meal pack, you can use it any time from a week to a month, depending on how quickly you want to blow through it.

4) Keto Garden – Considered one of the best when it comes to ordering keto diets online from a trusted app. Keto Garden has a good variety of options to choose from when it comes to ordering healthy food without compromising on the nutrition intake so that one does not get bored by eating the same stuff every day.

5) Food Darzee: A kitchen split between keto and low-carb, these guys will help you choose a diet and stick to it. After a sit-down with a nutritionist where they sort out your POA, you can decide on a meal plan that starts with a half-week trial and extends up to 90 days. Four meals (breakfast, lunch, an evening snack and dinner) will come to poppin’ fresh, with fun stuff like risotto, French omelets, Teriyaki chicken, and Nasi Goreng bowls in the mix.

Source: Business World

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