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5 Homegrown Health-Tech Startups Streamlining Disorganised India’s Medical Industry

While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unparalleled demands on modern healthcare systems, the industry’s response has vividly demonstrated its resilience and ability to bring innovations to the market.

Terming covid-19 pandemic as a “wake-up call” for India’s health system will not be an understatement as India’s public health-care system is chronically underfunded, leaving big gaps in the primary healthcare delivery.  

The pandemic immensely affected the Indian healthcare services industry. Although the unprecedented crisis put an enormous focus on the fragile medical infrastructure, exposing the gaps in our system and opening opportunities for a few health tech businesses. While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unparalleled demands on modern healthcare systems, the industry’s response has vividly demonstrated its resilience and ability to bring innovations to the market.

Here are 5 Homegrown health tech startups streamlining the disorganized India’s medical industry:

KareXpert: With the aim to make access to quality healthcare a reality for everyone, Reliance Jio-backed KareXpert is India’s first SaaS-based digital healthcare platform providing AI-enabled, cloud-based, Mobile-first solutions for the hospitals. The company offers pre-integrated stack to hospitals (Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, LIMS, Pharmacy, Connected Ambulance, Advanced BI, MIS,  Inventory & SCM, Queue Management & Branded Mobile Apps) through its comprehensive range of state-of-the-art applications which is designed to bring 10x patient experience, reduce operation costs, and increase revenues. It’s technology has already been implemented at some of India’s best hospitals including Mahindra Group, Reliance Foundation, and 100+ large/medium hospitals facilities, etc., and within the next 5 years; it aims to digitally transform 100,000 hospitals. Recently, Google identified Karexpert as a G-Suite for hospitals.

Augnito: Augnito, which works with over 4,000 doctors and hospital chains like Apollo and Max Healthcare has created a cloud-based speech-to-text software that guarantees error-free documentation by converting human voice to written text in real-time. It runs on an artificial intelligence (AI) engine which has been trained in medical vocabulary in order to ensure error-free transcribing of voice notes.

MediSage: Incepted in November 2019 with its digital platform launched in April 2020, MediSage is a healthtech start-up empowering doctors to stay up-to-date with curated medical content with the motto “for the doctors by the doctors”. MediSage aims to keep doctors abreast with the latest medical knowledge, global best practices, case based discussion. Doctors can stay up-to-date through webinars, expert videos, medical conferences, journal articles, podcasts, chat casts, among other easy to consume formats. Doctors can simply sift through the vast repository of content created by global and national experts, carefully curated by MediSage, to improve patient outcomes through accurate diagnosis and best-in-class treatment. Focusing greatly on easy-to-understand expert videos, the platform intends to become the ‘Netflix for Doctors’.

MediBuddy: MediBuddy, which started out with allowing patients to book tests and consultations online, has now created a tool that allows doctors to manage their patient notes. This also allows the doctors to easily share their observations with other doctors.  The company has seen a surge in user numbers through the pandemic and has now created a system which allows for health records to be collected in advance, allowing for a more effective conversation., which creates industry-agnostic, voice-enabled solutions, has a similar tool which uses natural language processing to turn voice inputs into notes. The solution is being used by high-end cosmetologists as well as hospitals which see large inflow of patients and need help in digitizing their records. 

Source: Business World

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