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Automovill Launches Learning Management Platform (LMP)

The service is currently available in English, Hindi and Kannada languages. As the portfolio and traction grow it will be available for more languages.

Automovill, a full-stack mobility start-up focused on car after-sales services has launched India’s first dedicated LMP (Learning Management Platform) to upskill Auto Mechanics and Technicians. The brand has launched the platform in partnership with Scaffold Technologies. The objective of the platform is to upskill semi-skilled and skilled mechanics across the country by providing access to information on the different vehicles  Maintenance & Servicing  techniques, and challenges associated with the particular vehicle.

Currently, the training material will be available in 2 formats. Photo with Text and Video for every make & model of the cars . The brand has kept the access to the LMP free of cost in its initial phase. The service is currently available in English, Hindi and Kannada languages. As the portfolio and traction grow it will be available for more languages.

India has approximately more than 5 Mn Semi-skilled and skilled technicians spread across 718 districts. Most of them deal with the day to day challenges of not having the proper/adequate knowledge and standard operating procedure to deal with different set of Cars.  

The AI and ML-enabled platform will allow a technician to view videos/Text Visuals of even the latest make and models services  right from the engine, suspension, clutch to breaks works all mechanical and electrical works can be viewed by the technicians, and they can even make money by uploading similar videos that might guide others from the peer.  

On the LMP Launch Mridu Mahendra Das, Co-Founder & CEO, Automovill said “In a country like India we have about 20+ OEM’s in the current scenario. For Every 3 to 6 months these OEMs are launching new vehicles that would have different functioning. However, against the pace of launch, there are about 5 million technicians those are yet not trained for the new models. The gap in terms of training and servicing knowledge is evident. The LMP has been launched to fill in this gap only. We will keep inviting it with latest AI,ML and AR technology to add more and more tools to upskill Automotive  mechanics and Technicians  community. By end of 2023 Automovill wanted to Up Skill about 5MN+ Semi Skilled and Skilled Technicians across the country with  Presence  over 100+Cities and will be  available in all Major Indian languages”  

“We are really excited that the Auto technician across the country will be benefited through this platform and our partnership with Automovill. We look forward to bring such more disruption in future. Said,” VimalKanth Tummala, Co-Founder, Scaffold Technologies.

The brand has already provided a strong content portfolio with 2000+ videos now available on the platform. In line with the ambition to build skilled manpower in the field, the brand sees a standing need to also train the technicians on the climbing demand for electric vehicle servicing. Automovill is focused to  continuously work towards upskilling the workforce and providing a professional experience to the customer.

Source: Business World

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