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Breaking Long-Term Goals Into Shorter Visions Is The Way Forward

Entrepreneurs discusses the preparations and strategies to move smoothly in the times of COVID, at BW Disrupt 30 Under 30 Summit and Awards.

With COVID having disrupted the entire globe for the year 2020 and 2021, theories around how the pandemic is going to define the ‘new normal’ are being discussed almost each day. The short-term adverse impact on India Inc. is already visible and also relatable for many of us. Now that the pandemic has moved the proverbial ‘cheese’, stakeholders need to figure out the a methdology to capitalise on the opportunities that the new circumstances offer. To delve deeper into this subject, industry experts gathered at BW Disrupt 30 Under 30 Summit and Awards, organized by BW Businessworld.

The eminent panellists for the session titled ‘Business Beyond the Pandemic, What Lies Ahead?’ were: Sumit Garg, Co-founder and MD, Luxury Ride and Shivashish Tarkas, Founder & CEO, The Intermentalis. The session was moderated by Vasudha Mukherjee, Editor, BW Businessworld.

Elaborating about the strategies to deal with the COVID disruptions, Shivashish Tarkas, Founder & CEO, The Intermentalis, asserted, “I see a good growth happening in this industry. There is absolutely no doubt that it has become an easy cup of tea for us to go and explore how the digital and online marketing are. What we have done is we have written down our goals into fragments. We are expecting another wave also coming across, so it’s better to think of a three-months planning, rather than going for a long-term vision. At the end of the day, of course the longer vision plays an important role but the way towards that is breaking it down into smaller visions; accordingly take it forward and see how successfully you are able to achieve your aim. Definitely, I see a growth for people emerging from online industries.”

Sumit Garg, Co-founder and MD, Luxury Ride, spoke about his future plannings considering the COVID. He stated, “We planned our launches, our short-term goals, our long-term goals. Right now we are a two hundred employees company; we are hiring hundred more employees in next four months. All the things have been planned in a systematic way. So yes future is promising and we are looking at 2.5 folds growth.”

Source: Business World

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