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Chingari & Bengal Pictures Collaborate For Bengal Market Growth

This alliance between India’s short-video sharing app and record label cum music distributor will make a difference to the Bengali music scenario and the short-video sharing platform.

Chingari has yet again collaborated to enter another growing regional musical market. India’s #1 short-video sharing platform has partnered with Bengal Pictures, Bengal’s one of biggest independent music label cum distributor. Chingari looks at tapping the upward Bengali music market for its demanding user base. Consecutively, Bengal Pictures has understood how viral mediums can help in spreading Bengali culture. This association will aid them to draw on Chingari’s popularity in achieving their goals. 

“Bengali is the world’s 5th most spoken language with over 300 million speakers. But when it comes to culture or entertainment, we have a limited presence. Due to this, the artists or workers of all these cultural fields cannot earn their required income. The Bengali culture is lagging in its rapid progress compared to other popular cultures,” reveals Satyaki Karmakar, Founder & Owner, Bengal Pictures. “We are constantly working on how to overcome this issue and make Bengali culture more widely accepted by reaching out to more and more people. Since we are now focusing more on music, we want to create a market for Bengali music where artists don’t need to take any help to ensure their required income from their music. The acceptance of Bengali music globally will be such that any artist can work independently and ensure his/her earnings.”

He understands it will take time to achieve their goals. “But we will keep trying. We will not give up. And I think Chingari can help us a little bit to move forward with this big goal for Bengali culture.” 

Bengal Pictures got established in 2018. Its tagline is – The Presenter of Bengal. They have begun work as a ‘Record Label Cum Music Distributor’ since June 2021. They have become a trusted & fastest-growing independent record label cum music distributor for Bengali music. Their popularity is not just limited to West Bengal or Bengalis within India, but also those abroad & in Bangladesh. Around 100 artists & bands have connected with them for the last six months. 

One of the largest distribution networks for Bengali music, Bengal Pictures has been distributing & monetising ‘Music Content’ along with the International Music Streaming Platforms with CRBT service within Indian & Bangladesh. They have also recently begun their music distribution service for Radio & FM Broadcasting and public performance licensing in India. 

The team at Chingari is excited about this association. Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App, mentions, “Out-of-the-box ideas & collaborations have always been Chingari’s forte. What we want & expect from any such new offerings is to give our growing user base different offerings. This partnership with Bengal Pictures surely falls in this category. We are confident that our users will be more than thrilled to connect to some well-created Bengali music.”

Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App, too is on the same page. “Bengal Pictures is trying to push the envelope further in Bengali music genre. Chingari is known to do something similar for its user base. We have noticed a rising demand for Bengali musical offerings amongst Bengalis and non-Bengalis. It is a fantastic opportunity for Chingari & Bengal Pictures to spread Bengali music & culture in an innovative & engaging manner. It is just the beginning. This collaboration between Chingari & Bengal Pictures will surely be a game-changer.”

Chingari, India’s market leader in short-videos sharing platforms, through this collaboration looks at creating further more opportunities for its users based in various part of the nation. Chingari is known for its initiatives to boost content monetization for its creators’ community through multiple contests. The recently launched Chingari Star contest that is open for all the Chingari users, also aims at identifying the upcoming talents in India and promote them on the platform as the Chingari Star of the year. Along with the title, Chingari creators and users also stand a chance to win cash rewards up to INR 2 Cr. Along with the title, the Chingari Star alone will take home a whopping cash reward of INR 1 Crore. 

Source: Business World

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