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Constant Fostering Of USPs Is A Must For Sustainability

Experts consider the ‘Cookie cutter model’ as an ideal approach in venture capitalising. VC-backed ventures have access to big piles of money, while others will have to think twice about investing a single cent. In times like these one will have to bite the bullet and keep on growing.

In the hyper-growing world today, the need is to constantly adapt to the change and evolve. As the pandemic has pushed people to go beyond the limits, industry leaders are reiterating to do the unthinkable. Sustainability is a long-term project since its very definition is not cutting corners. New businesses can take more than five years until they reach comfortable success but keep fuelling their competitive edge is required throughout the journey.

“Around 30 per cent of Indians are suffering from chronic diseases,” said Sakshi Bakshi, CEO Nucros Science & Taste who runs a business that provides food and beverages with the latest nutrition science with wholesome natural ingredients for a great-tasting complete diet to achieve your nutrition goals. “As an entrepreneur, you need to juggle all your hands and need to know all parts of the business,” Bakshi adds. While talking about the competitive edge she claims, “I am providing not only food but tasty food with health that is a unique proposition and is difficult for all to replicate.”

“In my initial days of joining our family businesses, I was thinking around to create something cutting edge in order to build Blue ocean,” opens up Mayank Kapoor, MD, Krishna Homes. Sustainability in business is majorly about being constant with the unique selling point (USP) of ventures. “I have been an avid follower of blue ocean strategy,” Kapoor adds while speaking at one of the panel discussions at BW Disrupt 30 Under 30 Summit and Awards recently organized by BW Businessworld.

“For us, ‘Experiential Learning’ is at the forefront for how can we change the way education could be looked at,” said Anant Bengani, Director, Zell Education. Bengani explains as they are intensively working on turning the conventional pedagogy of education to ‘application learning’ with keeping the quality of education on the top.

This is the era for emerging artificial intelligence and the increasing curiosity of businesses as to how can they integrate AI to reach a better point. Rahul Gupta, Founder & CEO, Singularity AI Labs explains that Singularity AI Labs is an applied AI & ML solutions company on a mission to make the decision process intelligent and data-backed. “Being all ears and listening to clients is a priority as the company is into preparing customisable AI Products,” believes Gupta to achieve a higher goal.

Hardship is the mother of invention. While the resources are already slim for the ventures, one will find creative ways to solve challenges. Young disruptors with their entrepreneurial zeal are committed to constantly innovate, foster their USPs and believe that the best is yet to come.

Source: Business World

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