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DotReview: The ‘Glassdoor’ For Startups Launches In India

DotReview as a platform is not only for founders, but also for VCs to showcase the good work they have been doing in the community

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought turbulence in the market all over the world. Indian startups have however, come out with flying colours by raising $7.8 billion in the first four months of 2021. This further raises the importance of investors in the market. A new and innovative product named DotReview aims to provide founders and investors with a platform to ensure that their valuable time is spent less looking for the right investors, and more on building and scaling their product.

DotReview is a platform for founders to get authentic and trusted reviews of investors. As a revolutionary platform, DotReview, would enable founders to share their experiences through balanced and verified reviews with aspiring founders. Not only does this platform help founders learn more about a particular VC, but also share their worries with the community and seek advice anonymously.

Jasveer Singh and Pearl Agarwal, Co-Founders of DotReview have had their own experiences ranging over a decade in investing and startups. Realising the common problem of the laborious process involved in finding the right investor, they decided to solve the problem by providing founders with a platform where verified and genuine reviews will be shared about investors. The reviews will be written by experienced entrepreneurs who have gone through the fundraising journey before and would like to share their experiences with the entrepreneurial community. Finding the platform, a need for today’s volatile market, DotReview already has 200+ reviews on VCs and angels with it right now!

“Founders usually take 6-7 months to find the right investors. With over a decade of experience in this field, I have learned the value of time while building multiple startups. I want founders to focus more on their product and save time by finding the right investor faster. That’s where DotReview comes into play,” said Jasveer Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, DotReview.

“Most founders know that bad money could be more detrimental than lack of money, but the irony is that they have almost no way of confirming it while they are in the middle of fundraising. DotReview as a platform is the right solution to that problem,” said Pearl Agarwal, Co-Founder, DotReview.

Back in 2020, Pearl shared the thought with Jasveer, who had been in the industry for the last 10 years and undergone several fundraising cycles with his previous startups. They had a notion that a Founder-Investor fit with a proper feedback mechanism was the need of the hour.

DotReview as a platform is not only for founders, but also for VCs to showcase the good work they have been doing in the community. It is a place where VCs can directly connect with prospective founders to tell them the value they have added to their portfolio companies.

“It is time to equip the new age entrepreneurs with an efficient way to approach founder-investor relations. DotReview aims to achieve this very goal of a stable ecosystem between the two,” also said Jasveer Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, DotReview.

DotReview ensures that reviews are authentic. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, DotReview removes all spammy reviews that are put on the platform.

Why DotReview is a need in today’s time:

· Saves time for upcoming founders who can anonymously gather trusted reviews from veterans without having to spend several hours finding the right connection.

· Fosters a founder-friendly investment environment wherein knowledgeable entrepreneurs share their experience with upcoming founders anonymously.

· Creates a vertical community for the founder-investor ecosystem to learn about each other and interact seamlessly.

Source: Business World

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