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Edtech Start-Up Lido Learning Releases TV Campaign, Inspires Students To ‘Make Success A Habit’!

The short films show regular relatable scenes, from the perspective of imaginative middle-school children with the drive to solve everyday life problems using the knowledge they receive in their Lido class.

India’s small-group tuitions platform, Lido Learning, is all about igniting the passion for success in the heart of all its students. With this objective in mind, Lido Learning has now released its first-ever TV brand campaign, #MakeSuccessAHabit.

The campaign consists of three distinctive ad films that embody the company’s belief that academic and real-world success must go hand-in-hand for students to be able to realise their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow. With this in mind, Lido Learning has launched the campaign during the much-awaited IPL season, highlighting the importance of combining education with passion.

In addition to the TV campaign, Lido Learning has also launched its free student app, Lido Learning – Small Group Tuitions app on Google Play Store to give students access to its free curriculum-aligned video content for life, along with announcing its flagship ACE Program, that guarantees academic improvement for every child, every time, within just 8 months of Lido classes.

Conceptualised and developed by the award-winning Supari Studios, the campaign highlights Lido’s emphasis on clarity of concepts and real-life application of knowledge instead of rote memorisation of textbooks without understanding. The campaign seeks to establish Lido as the tuitions platform for parents who seek quality education for their children with the aim of securing both academic success and practical knowledge.

Sanket Narkar, Head of Marketing, Lido Learning, said, “When we say we want to make success a habit, we mean that we want our Lido-ers to be successful across all their experiences, every day, no matter how big or small they are. That’s the point we are driving home with our first-ever TVCs. Lido prepares students for exams, but our promise is bigger than that — to prepare students for the world at large. And we wanted to establish that Lido is for every child, everywhere in the country, regardless of what they dream of becoming. Physicist, cricketer, or chef, knowledge of concepts and understanding the ‘why’ about the ‘what’ never goes to waste! With these ads, we wanted to capture the true value created by Lido in a student’s life, which is to help them solve the countless challenges life throws at them on a regular basis.”

The short films show regular relatable scenes, from the perspective of imaginative middle-school children with the drive to solve everyday life problems using the knowledge they receive in their Lido class. The value added by Lido to a student’s life is conveyed through the effectiveness of simple but important decisions. In each of these films, the Lido student manages to achieve their desired objective by recalling the information they learned during their Lido tuition class and applying it to a real-world situation.

This imagery bridges the gap between what children study in school and the things they do in life, making education both practical and loads of fun. It is captured impactfully through transitions from realistic to visually animated scenes, marked by a sense of achievement, with choreographed camera movements, slow motion, animation, and crafty sound design. It also features a peppy jingle that motivates and encourages children to not limit themselves against any odds.

Akshat Gupt, Chief Creative Officer, Supari Studios shared, “It was exciting for us, as creative people, to work on a brief asking us to interpret success as both, a classroom and real-life experience. I think the brief beautifully captured the ethos and aspirations of middle-class India — where traditional success is important, but there is also a desire for practical application of knowledge. It’s why we situated these ads in scenes from any Indian child’s daily life — taking the bus to school, a sports match, a competition when things go wrong at the last minute! I think we’ve been able to show that when you understand your education, you can put it to work all around you. Today’s students are not satisfied with rote education and getting better marks. They understand the importance of problem-solving on the fly. The jingle, “Gilheri si neeyat, curious badi hai, zidd pe adi hai ji… Pankh si aadat, bada hi satay, udkey hi maanegi!” encapsulates the curiosity and creativity of Indian students. It was very creatively satisfying to bring Lido’s vision to life”

Each ad film showcases how Lido-ers’ look forward to learning every day as it helps them succeed in all of life’s big and small tests, in different ways.

The small group online tuitions platform currently offers classes in Maths, Science, English and Coding for students from KG to Grade 12. Lido Learning also recently launched its coding program in the US and Canada, after an overwhelming response from the Middle East.

Source: Business World

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