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Escape Rooms And Its Relevance In The Digital-Driven Era

Today’s generation has become increasingly fond of real life gaming and other forms of digital entertainment in recent times.

Over the time, gaming industry has expanded and changed a lot, to an extent that it is almost unrecognizable compared to how it was a decade ago. Technology has played a major role in all the innovations the industry is experiencing. Digitization is the way forward as everything whether personal or professional is being conducted through virtual means. This shift in mediums can be attributed to the growing feasibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness. This has led to people switching towards digital means for most of their life’s processes, including entertainment.

Today’s generation has become increasingly fond of real life gaming and other forms of digital entertainment in recent times. One form of gaming that is gaining rapid prominence nowadays is Escape Rooms. These real life virtual games stimulate the minds of their participants and promote healthy and intriguing conversations, thereby making them the perfect leisure activity. 

Recent times have revealed several uses and benefits of these games that have made themselves a hit with people of all age groups in these digital-driven times. Below we have mentioned some situations explaining how real life gaming are foraying into our lives-

Why are Escape Rooms trending- The global escape room industry has seen an astronomical boom in the last few years. In 2016, it was estimated that there were 3,000 escape room venues worldwide, and the number supposedly grew up to 50,000 pre-covid. 

In India, where the industry is still in its early stage, escape room venues are popping up frequently, with 35 existing escape room centres.

The USP of escape rooms is the multiple utilities of the activity- this singular experience incorporates elements of entertainment, adventure, gaming, and socialization in a very balanced way. Consequently, it is ideal for any occasion, whether it be a birthday party or a corporate event, or something more casual like a date night or just a fun day out.

Break the ice with Escape Rooms- Today, most people are working from various geographical locations due to the latest hybrid and virtual work modules; team building has surfaced as a big problem for organizations. Mutual trust and connection are harder for the firm whose employees are scattered. In this scenario, a team activity like an Escape room puzzle can serve as the ultimate ice breaker.

Giving teams a chance to communicate freely while solving a mind-stimulating puzzle in a way of escape rooms help employees build amicable relations with each other. It also helps in building team spirit which leads to a better work relations and harmony. 

Leads to friendly relationships- As multifaceted as it is in terms of its benefits, escape rooms are also highly inclusive. They are ideal for people of all ages and genders, and most venues often take extra care in ensuring that the experiences are also wheelchair-friendly. 

By allowing scope for informal communication, these rooms help you understand the kind of a person your co-player is. Virtual games such as Escape rooms have also emerged as a matchmaker in the present times, especially during the Covid era, where a lot of people found their life partners in their co-players. 

Helps enhance soft skills- An escape room adventure is incomparable with any other sort of gaming since it provides a much more holistic experience that encapsulates both physical and emotional stimulation, along with subtle soft-skill enhancements. The situations in Escape rooms calls for clear communication, fast problem solving and assessment abilities, and keen observation skills. A regular player tends to develop and improve these skills over time. As a person’s soft skills improve, it helps them grow tremendously in other areas of their lives and careers as well, thereby making escape rooms the ultimate pastime. 

Summing Up

Recently, it has been witnessed that a large number of virtual activities are gaining prominence as the world is accepting all things virtually with time. Escape rooms have emerged as a growing trend in the entertainment sector that will be very well accepted and used in the near future.  

Source: Business World

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