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Everything about Amazon Prime Day Sale July 2022: How to get the best deals

Are you the one who is always on the hunt for some crazy offers on Amazon (Amazon Prime Day Sale)? Here’s your chance to grab ultimate deals on Amazon across every product range! The Amazon Prime Days are here.

The largest online shopping store has officially declared that the Amazon Prime Day mega sale will begin from 12th July to 13th July. So it’s time to get ready for this mega offer, coming after two years.

Thousands of products will see their prices slashed & unlimited offers. It will be a deal of the year, & that’s why shopaholics are going crazy over it, just like black Friday Sales! But what if this is your first Amazon Prime Days sale?

Do you know how to grab the best deals? What products will be available at the best discounts? How can you outsmart other bidders during these sales? Well, we are here to answer all of your questions. We will make your Amazon Prime Day sale experience memorable. So let’s get started.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

It’s an Amazon Prime customers-only sale that goes live every Summer on Amazon. It is the largest sale on Amazon every year. Although this sale is available for Prime customers only, there are a few offers that non-prime customers can also avail of. But these offers are scarce & not too beneficial.

So if you want to take the maximum benefit of this offer, you must be a prime customer. So if you are not, you can easily become a member by subscribing to the offer here. If you haven’t been a previous subscriber of Amazon Prime, you will also get a 30-days trial along with your regular subscription. With Amazon Prime,  you can take benefit of this massive Amazon Prime Day sale & can also access unlimited videos on Prime & free delivery.

How did Amazon Prime Day sales start?

Amazon Prime Day Sale

It all began in the year 2015. This was the first time Amazon declared its first Amazon Prime Day sales. It was launched to celebrate Amazon’s 20th Anniversary. But this sale was so successful that Amazon decided to continue this sale every Summer.

The sheer volume of deals available during this sale is far greater than those available during Black Friday. In fact, last year’s Amazon Prime Day sales surpassed the Cyber Monday sales of the past two years! Imagine the number of money people are spending to grab this amazing deal. It’s so successful that even other online stores have started their own deals & offers to leverage this online shopping craze during this Prime Day.

When is the Amazon Prime Day sale?

Except for 2021 & 2020, the Amazon Prime Day sale always arrived during Summer & the month of July, to be specific. Due to COVID 19, Amazon had to alter the sale duration. But this year, Amazon has declared that Amazon Prime Sale will go live on the 12th of July & will last for 48hours. So the massive sale where you can grab unbelievable discounts on a wide range of products, including Electronic gadgets, apparel, tools, smartphones, laptops, & Television, is just a couple of days away.

But to leverage the maximum benefit of this great sale, it’s important to get ready for it!

Some Pro tips to get ready for Amazon Prime Day Sales

ro Tips to Get ready for Amazon Prime Day Sales

Getting your hands on the best deals during the Amazon Prime Sale will not be easy. There will be thousands of buyers lined up to grab the best deals & so you need to be prepared. Here is the complete list of tips you need to follow if you do not want to miss the bus. Let’s take a look.

1. Make sure you have Amazon Prime subscription.

As the name suggests, the Amazon Prime Day sale is specifically for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you do not have a subscription, the best way is to, obviously, subscribe! But hey, there is a deal here too. If you are subscribing to Amazon Prime for the first time, you can get a free trial of 30 days too! So if you have never subscribed to Amazon Prime, it’s the right time to do so.

The best part? You can unsubscribe before the trial period gets over. So you won’t have to pay for the subscription & at the same time, you can also avail of deals during the sales!

2. Prepare a list

There will be enormous offers & deals during Amazon Prime Day. So it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you have so many options. It’s human nature to want everything available and then more! But if you go on an unplanned shopping spree during the Amazon Prime Day sale, you won’t get the products that you actually need.

So the better idea is to prepare a detailed list of the products you want to buy. This list will help you cut the clutter & focus on the products that you actually want. It will also ensure you do not miss out on something important & get the best deal.

3. Have options ready

Amazon Prime Day does not ensure deals on every product. So even after you finalize your list, your product might not be available with any discounts at all! This happens to a lot of shoppers every year. To avoid this problem, you must have options ready.

While researching a preparing a list, make sure you have researched the product’s competitors too. It’s possible that the competitor’s product is available at the right price & might even have an offer on it. So having your options ready ensures you can jump to the optional product immediately without wasting your time.

4. Keep a vigil eye

In other words, be ready to dive into the sale the moment it begins! You do not want to miss out on the best offers! So make sure to check out the offers early in the morning if you haven’t checked them during midnight already! We agree that all the products won’t run out of stock immediately, but why take a chance? So keep a vigilant eye on your favourite products & grab them as soon as possible.

Also, make sure you come back twice or thrice during the sale. The reason is that Amazon puts up offers throughout the day & who knows, you might get lucky & strike gold! So keep checking for the lightning deals & offers.

5. Don’t overthink it

If you do not have Amazon Prime & you can’t avail free subscription, do not overthink it. It’s not the world’s end! There is a high probability that other online & offline platforms offer similar deals on the same day to attract more customers to their sites! So keep looking around & you might find a better deal in the Amazon Prime Day sale.

These are 5 simple tips, but keeping them in mind will ensure you experience a memorable shopping experience. These simple tips can prove to be highly effective during the Amazon Prime Day Sale.

Finding the best deals

Your social media feeds will be flooded with various offers during the sale. Most of them would be something you don’t even want. Moreover, Amazon generally promotes its products during this sale. So even if better offers are available on other products, you might not see any ad about it.

So you must extensively research the products you want to buy. And the best time to do so is before the sale begins. Amazon also launches teaser offers before the actual sale to generate the hype. You can find a good deal in such teaser offers too. Such offers might be available on Amazon’s subscriptions or small products. So, why miss it? Keep looking around.

There is another way you could grab excellent deals. All you have to do is check out Amazon Warehouse. Here you can find used or returned products at a lot cheaper rate. All the products are thoroughly inspected by Amazon & even have a return policy. These products are already cheap as compared to the new ones. Additionally, you get the benefit of the Amazon Prime Day deal. So it’s a win-win situation.

The final question: Should you wait for the Black Friday Sale?

First of all, the Black Friday sale will be after 5 months. So if you miss the Amazon Prime Day sale, you will have to wait for another 5 months to get your product. Apart from this, there is an inherent difference between the Amazon Prime Day sale & Black Friday Sale.

Amazon Prime Day sale solely focuses on Amazon prime customers. Offers are available for amazon customers only. Stores like Walmart run their own offers but are not so big. Also, the Amazon Prime Day sale has more offers on Amazon Products.

On the contrary, the Black Friday sale is available across all the platforms. Every online platform will be offering deals to its customers.

So, if you choose Amazon Prime Day, you will get bigger discounts on limited products. And if you choose Black Friday Sale, you will get a lesser discount on a large variety of products.

So in our opinion, if you have decided on a product you desperately need, waiting for another 5 months is no meaning. Simply go with the Amazon Prime Day sale & grab the ultimate deals available. Moreover, it’s possible that the prices of the product you want might go up during the 5 months. In such cases, your offers will prove useless. So it’s better to buy via the Amazon Prime Day Sale.

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What are the best deals available on Amazon Prime Day sale 2022?

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