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FanAnywhere Raises Seed Funding

The funding showcases the belief of investors in the Metaverse and NFT space as it gains increasing relevance for the future.

FanAnywhere, a start-up building the world’s first platform for celebrity NFTs, and NFTs & Fan Tokens of sports clubs, has announced that it has raised seed funding from a clutch of investors and is emerging from stealth mode. The initial seed round has come from 16 Venture capitals including Oasis Capital, Scorpio VC, DeltaHub Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Hello Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Magnus Capital, ZBS Capital, HotBit Exchange, R-930 Capital, Halving Capitals, Mars Ventures, Unilayer Capital, MoonCarl, IBC Group, 7 oClock Capital.  

FanAnywhere aims to become a one-stop blockchain solution for a celebrity to engage the fan base and is preparing to launch its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) shortly. The funding showcases the belief of investors in the Metaverse and NFT space as it gains increasing relevance for the future. 

Commenting on the announcement, Varun Chaudhary and Amit Kumar, Co-Founders of FanAnywheresaid, “We are building the world’s first platform for utility-based Celebrity NFTs, and NFTs & Fan Tokens of sports clubs, which will open gateways to Metaverses for celebrities. The funding will be deployed in making the technology more robust and enhancing our reach with the emphasis on transitioning the Celebrities as well as their fans towards the future of fan following and the FanAnywhere way of ‘Reimagined Fandom’. The belief of investors and their support is invaluable for us as together we can create a successful social blockchain-based fraternity, bridging the emotional bridge between popular entities and their fans.” 

Sharing views on the progress, Magnus Capital quotes “FanAnywhere addresses a rapidly evolving market where fans have longed to share in the success of their favourite celebrities. The project connects the fans to a celebrity’s fame, and is offering a collaborative opportunity to engage in a more meaningful way. We are buoyant about this space and excited to work with the brilliant team of FanAnywhere.” 

“At present, a few blockchain-based platforms are being used in the industry. Some of them offer fan tokens, trade exchanging, and third-party integrations, with existing applications. However, there is currently no platform that offers all of it conveniently in one place. That’s where FanAnywhere comes in. FanAnywhere has been developed to support tokens, an NFT marketplace, trade exchanging, and third-party integrations. It has its native token called FAW and allows influential individuals and brands to create their own tokens for fan engagement. It goes one step further by enabling fans to utilize these tokens and NFTs in creative engagement activities developed by third-party integrations. We saw a great opportunity to be a part of FanAnywhere’s growth story and excited about the future”, opined Artashes Sarkisjan, Co-owner at Dutch Crypto Investors. 

Source: Business World

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