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FloCareer Raises USD 5.7M In Series A Funding

Launched in 2018, FloCareer helps hiring companies across the globe by conducting technical rounds of interviews through gig workers on their unique video interviewing platform. FloCareer combines the power of 3000+ industry experienced freelance interviewers across the world with state-of-the-art technology.

FloCareer, currently leading India market, intends to use proceeds in business development in the US while continuing to grow in India. FloCareer leader in B2B space will continue to innovate new people focused solutions using cutting edge technology. A balanced mix of Artificial Intelligence and Gig-Workers to solve challenges of hiring companies will remain the core strategy of FloCareer.

Hiring chaos is the status quo

People are the most valuable asset of any organization, and rapid growth more often than not is expected to lead to chaos. FloCareer’s unique interview standardization has helped 150+ companies solve the hiring side of chaos. FloCareer has helped these companies conduct 150,000+ interviews with 7.5 million+ video interview minutes on their platform with the help of freelance industry experts in the last 3 years.

At a hyper growth state, but we are just starting!

The size of the Gig-workers economy is growing rapidly across the world. The gig worker population is currently led by the US and India and FloCareer plays its part in the growth story. The company has grown 12X in the last one year and continues to grow at a fast pace. On an average, FloCareer helps hiring companies to acquire talent 4 times faster at 1/3rd the cost.

However, the founders – Mehul Bhatt and Mohit Jain believe that they are just scratching the surface and there’s a huge Greenfield of gig-workers powered interviews that many hiring companies need to reap the benefits. We are also delighted that being a three year old startup and challenging environment in last two years we have taken big strides.

Orios’ Managing Partner, Rajeev Suri said, “The post pandemic environment has unlocked a plenty of innovation. We are glad to be partnering with FloCareer in scaling their innovative product to solve for hiring technology talent, which has seen a huge people crunch and significant time and cost pressures across the world.

FloCareer’s AI led innovative breakthrough is creating radically better hiring outcomes across the board, resulting in their hyper growth and a market dominating position. Their ability to scale up leveraging the “Github” open economy allows them literally unlimited scale. We are glad to partner with Mohit Jain and Mehul Bhatt as they build for the world working on a global challenge.”

Source: Business World

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