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How Data Analytics Improves Call Center Performance

The analytics-driven call center has led to a considerable increase in efficiency and making dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Despite countless communication channels in today’s connected world, 75% of prospects report they have attended an event or scheduled a meeting based on a cold call. While calls are clearly one of the most effective tools for reaching out to potential or existing customers, agents must be prepared to offer value-driven, tailored, and sympathetic experiences with their communication in order to achieve high customer satisfaction. So how can companies struggling with call center success become seasoned pros? The truth is customer service works best when it’s driven by data.

Digital transformation and advanced analytics have fundamentally changed the role of call centers. The customer engagement space, driven by automation, has now become more real-time. Hence, navigating the demands of customer experience with automating solutions, the call centers have evolved from a basic service offering to a strategic differentiator. And because of this, the analytics-driven call center has led to a considerable increase in efficiency and making dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and financial performance.

At a call center, data is everywhere. Firms can amass large volumes of unstructured data generated from voice recordings and transcripts. This data, when used with the right approach, can lead to useful analytics insights. Working smarter and obtaining accurate impact across channels requires the use of analytics tools. Big data generated during a customer interaction can provide a wealth of information to the rest of the company. Companies can use this business intelligence to gain a better understanding of their consumers and drive proactive and predictive customer initiatives.

Advanced analytics can assist businesses in proactively improving call center performance across a multitude of dimensions. When real-time analytics are integrated with sources of customer data gathered from across the organization and delivered in real-time, the capacity to favorably affect call outcomes is significantly increased. Businesses may make greater use of their call center data for analytics and improve call center performance thanks to the growing availability of cloud storage and computing for unstructured data. In complicated unstructured data environments, the ability to predict attrition and generate better cross-sell recommendations is becoming increasingly simple to implement.

As customers generate massive volumes of data through various channels, forward-thinking businesses have already begun to use this data to provide a more tailored customer experience. Here are some of the key services that call centers should implement to boost performance.

1. Fully managed call recording and transcription for analytics

2. Positive and negative agent outlier identification

3. Automated access to key contact centers metrics, such as call center customer satisfaction (CSAT), productivity, and hold time

4. Identification of drivers for favorable outcomes through dedicated analysis and ongoing quality assurance (QA) checks

5. AI-driven, real-time data on performance as well as actionable insights on improving it

6. Integrated omnichannel modules allowing interactions on emails and text channels

7. An objective view into customer experience

Today’s contact centers are geared to lead a paradigm shift and deliver innovative customer experiences for both businesses and consumers. Many companies are unaware that they are sitting on a goldmine of data in their contact center. These analytics, which uses a variety of data sources, help firms understand not only what happened, but also who, why, and what will happen next. Companies may more correctly foresee what’s coming by integrating these new tools, allowing them to control their future. That said, streamlining internal procedures to adhere to compliance standards should not be compromised for enhancing customer experience.

Source: Business World

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