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How Tech-Enabled Astrology Is Slowly Becoming Mainstream

The Vedic civilization is the oldest in the world and is a rich powerhouse of spiritual wisdom. An important aspect of spirituality is finding the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Today, the millennials and Gen Z face stress from many factors impacting their environment, including emotionally abusive relationships, harassment and trolling, the worry of financial instability, politics and even social media. Overindulgence in social and digital platforms has transformed our relationships with ourselves and those surrounding us. At the same time, the ever-increasing amount of screen time leads to a serious social media hangover. With so many career options to choose from to unlimited swipes promising your soulmate, one’s self-esteem and mental health do take a hit. It adds pressure to their lives, leaving them with intense feelings of isolation and loneliness. The increase in suicides, especially during the pandemic, is the most significant proof of it.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many GenZ have been burdened with additional stressors. They have been forced to take on new roles and navigate new challenges. Youth really had to step up to care for the elderly and their family. Even the shift from in-person to remote learning in schools while simultaneously managing both home life and schoolwork became overwhelming for many young people.

As more and more millennials and Gen Z try to find their identity in this new world, the world of astrology extends a sense of faith and belief. Astrology can be understood as relative to therapy, with one difference being: you get answers via the former quickly. Through these charts, an astrologer describes the life progression individually and in a friendly manner, making the millennial feel heard.

Millennials and GenZ consider the popularity of astrology to be a boon than a bane. With the increased exposure to the to the changing lifestyle and use of science and technology along with a new interest in reviving age-old traditional values, they have come to understand the value of traditions, philosophy, and to a reasonable extent, spirituality too. Every day, more and more population seem to be moving away from considering astrology as pseudoscience and actively choosing to refrain from the air of mysticism surrounding it.

With many millennials and Gen Z generations being aware of their zodiac signs, most consult astrology while making decisions about their careers and relationships. By booking an appointment at the tap of a button, experts study the user charts and give many comprehensive insights into the individual’s life situations. It helps the lost minds in their decision-making, providing clarity on what to do and how to approach to maximize their potential.

At the same time, thanks to the GenZ and millennials, Astrology has brought about an edginess relevant to the incredible internet age. Right from those thriving astrology memes that amass tens and hundreds of thousands of followers to characterizing the sun signs as per favorite sitcom characters, astrology is getting viral day by day, and online publications with daily, weekly, and increased viewership of YouTube videos related to astrology is another proof of it. As more and more youth are getting their hands-on Astrology apps to get a sense of relief from the everyday issues bothering them, it is time that other people get on the bandwagon too.

Lately many tech-based apps are intertwining pearls of this age-old traditional wisdom called astrology with a path-breaking approach towards consulting to bring about positive changes in the younger generation.

The Vedic civilization is the oldest in the world and is a rich powerhouse of spiritual wisdom. An important aspect of spirituality is finding the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Astrology or Jyotisha is known to be the eye of the Vedas, it’s a starting point in spirituality where the beginning of self-exploration begins as it makes you connected to the entire cosmos in an esoteric manner. This looks like a small leap in the startup eco-system, but it will be a giant leap on how we see spirituality from hereon. Keep watching this space!

Source: Business World

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