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How Touchless Parking Amid COVID-19 Is Revolutionizing The Parking System In India

Digitalization entered the lives of humans and can provide the solution to all the problems arising out of human physical contact during COVID-19.

Amidst the pandemic, people have realized that the future is digital, and adaptability is no exception. There has been an innumerable change in our lifestyle. For a year now and the only Agenda is to ensure the hygiene and safety of life during and post COVID-19 pandemic. Looking at the dire need to make the parking system touchless and the top-most important protocol is to follow social distancing is what brings IoT into the scenario. Experts have come up with the Technology that supports this concept.

New-age technology start-ups are coming up with remarkable ideas to turn contactless parking into a reality as they continue to work towards its execution and make it a significant part of our daily routine of stepping out of our homes when required.

A Revolutionary Advancement

Needless to say, the technology would help save precious lives, indirectly displaying respect towards human existence. Pandemic has paved the way for many inventions. Coming up with the safest arrival experience for students, workers, patients, and patrons that consolidates safety precautions is dominant. We’ve achieved this milestone in a few months of the pandemic, which otherwise would have taken years to arrive in the market. Though touch-less parking is still in its advancing stage and not everyone is aware of this revolution, its future seems promising. Amidst the pandemic, there are many entities like various Shopping Centers, Airports, Universities, and Malls that are leveraging the benefits of touchless parking.

Let’s take a look at the touch-less parking system stepping in India and how it is bringing the revolution.

The dire need to introduce touchless parking

All the car owners and city dwellers are the ones who face the parking dilemma now and then. The COVID-19 has added to this puzzlement a step further. In the case of physical and residential parking areas, one comes in contact with the guard for interaction, and it increases the risk of spreading the virus. Moreover, if you find a parking spot in a designated parking lot, you will have to exchange cash and receipts with the guard, and this puts both the individuals at high risk. These are some of the reasons that have paved the way to the genesis of contactless parking solutions.

Dealing with it a smart way – A technology

Solving all kinds of crises with the help of technology is the new normal, and in fact, the only way to deal with pandemic-like situations. Digitalization entered the lives of humans and can provide the solution to all the problems arising out of human physical contact during COVID-19.

Apart from the growing concerns of COVID-19, there is a huge need for technological interference in the parking sector. The touchless parking system allows the absence of guards to regulate the entry and exit process. With the most efficient method of parking, RFID, and IoT technology, residential parking becomes easy and a safer option. Few leading start-ups are also providing services like FasTag recharge, Car wash, Insurance sales with their premium parking solutions.

Navigating the future of touchless parking

The future is safe and smart with the arrival of touchless parking systems in India. During the post-COVID times, people have started gravitating towards touchless and contactless methods of executing things naturally. With the high demands and strictness to follow COVID-19 protocols, social distancing is now the way of living life. This indicates a strong and promising growth trajectory for businesses in India and outside.

Elevating User experience

Driver’s payment, location search, manual cash payment, and spot identification will seamlessly become a part of the destination arrival process. It will ensure the safety of every individual during and post-COVID period.

Summing it up

A few of the major elements mentioned above are a revolutionary move in the parking system in India. Apart from helping in reducing accidents, pollution, and mess in the parking system, it will bring in a whole new concept of a touchless parking system in India and will continue to rule the industry even after the world gets back to normal.

Although the definition of normal days has changed with the times, it has surely brought in factors like safety and hygiene in the system forever.

Source: Business World

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