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Ibrahim Assad Join Hands With Navjyot Gurudatta, invested 2 Million Dirham

The level of business certain professionals and entrepreneurs have been developing and the kind of revenue they have been attaining, thriving on their tremendous innate talents, skills, knowledge and most importantly, passion, have stunned people worldwide. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are coming to the forefront and inspiring many other aspiring talents to become their best versions and also motivate them to invest in ventures that can propel them forward in the world of business as successful entrepreneurs and investors. Topping the list of such entrepreneurs and investors is Ibrahim Assad, who is known for his astute business acumen and expertise, and has shone bright with his entrepreneurial venture “Masterkey Rent a Car”, a unique and luxury car rental business in Dubai.

However, this talented business personality has again come into the limelight by investing in another tenacious entrepreneur named Navjyot Gurudatta’s dream project, “UAE Times Now”. Recent news is abuzz that both have joined hands to thrust the newest venture of the latter to greater success levels in the coming years.

When asked about his investment in this new start up and how confident is he of this getting through flying colours, Assad says, “Not every investment guarantees substantial results, but if you invest sagaciously, the potential to succeed grows exponentially, unlike in situations where you don’t invest at all. Every investment carries its own risks, but the rewards are also equipollently lucrative. Zeroing down on Navjyot’s business for investing was not a colossal task as I was aware of its robust game plan which is strong enough to make the right impact, so here I am.”

They had even garnered headlines before when Ibrahim Assad had joined hands with Navjyot Gurudatta for his digital media and marketing firm, “MasterKey Media”, co-owned by the latter. Navjyot Gurudatta, who serves as one of the best Indian marketing experts on talking about their recent collaboration, looked excited and said, “I am glad we are coming together yet again, and this time Ibrahim Assad has invested in my dream project UAE Times Now, which I feel ambitious about. He has invested 2 million Dirham in the project, and we are looking forward to taking it to newer success levels as a one-of-a-kind news portal in the UAE.”

The coming together of these business personalities, where Ibrahim Assad puts into use his business excellence and Navjyot Gurudatta infuses his passion as a young digitalpreneur, have been making industry people more inquisitive and interested about UAE Times Now and how it plans to grow across the UAE.

Source: Business World

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