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Log9 Introduces Responsible Delivery Movement

The launch event of the Movement witnessed the demonstration of Log9’s climate-friendly and commercially-viable battery technology that can drive large-scale EV adoption for deliveries

Log9 Materials, a Responsible Energy company that is developing advanced EV battery and energy storage technologies, has launched its ‘Responsible Delivery Movement’campaign today from its Bengaluru headquarters.The launch event showcased hands-on Log9’sinnovative battery technology and how they are bringing it to the Indian market, along with a vehicle showcase, i.e. 2W integrated with Log9 InstaCharge batteries.Log9 envisions the Responsible Delivery Movementcampaign as the inception of a countrywide long-term movement towards a more sustainable and responsible way of doing deliveries on EVs.

The Responsible Delivery Movement conceptualized by Log9 team shall involve both electric 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler vehicles that are employed for hyperlocal and last-mile deliveries across various parts of India. Irrespective of the vehicle platform (2W or 3W), the performance of Log9 batteries remains the same, and thus any electric 2W or 3W powered by Log9’s InstaCharge batteries used for deliveries will automatically enable them to be a part of the Responsible Delivery Movement.

Through this campaign and Movement, the company will feature an innovative customer-participatory approach, wherein potential and existing delivery customers could choose to become a part of the  #ResponsibleDeliveryMovement, and over time, contribute actively towards building a powerful community platform and giving voice to the Movement. After being informed about Log9’s InstaCharging technology and widespread charge-point infrastructure, the drivers/delivery personnel can become a part of the responsible delivery movement automatically, as and when they start providing delivery services on EVs powered by Log9 batteries. To pledge your support for the Responsible Delivery Movement, visit:  

Speaking at the launch event, Dr.AkshaySinghal, Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials said, “As a Responsible Energy company, the ‘ResponsibleDeliveryMovement’ is Log9’s initiative to revolutionize the future of the last-mile delivery segment with Log 9’s InstaCharge batteries integrated into EVs – which in turn shall integrate in letter, spirit and in action‘Responsible Deliveries via EVs’ into India’s DNA. It is unfortunate to note that as of date, EVs aren’t too much commercially-viable in our country due to the significant downtime they offer to drivers. However, with Log9’sRapidX battery packs, delivery agents can charge their vehicles from 0 to 100% in a matter of just 15 minutes — which eliminates an important concern of switching to EVs and solves for range anxiety issue.Furthermore, by communicating through Responsible Delivery Movement that Log9’s InstaChargebatteries can run for over 10 years, we are working towards eliminating the doubts on EV batteries’ short working life. Since our batteries are also built to withstand India’s tough weather and road conditions, we’re parallely promoting at large a smooth and doubtless transition to e-mobility.”

Mr. Kartik Hajela , Co-Founder, Log9 Materials said, “Every technology that we at Log9 work on is being developed with the intention to provide end-users with power, performance, and peace of mind. We want to be the most reliable and responsible battery player in India, standing shoulder to shoulder with fleet managers, OEMs, and other relevant professionals. By creating sustainable EV batteries that are perfect for our country, we are hoping to be able to enter into a large part of the delivery-fleet ecosystem. And by achieving that, carbon reduction will be applied and endorsed on a grander scale.Since Log9 stands to promote a healthier and sustainable environment, we aim to usher in an era of responsible deliveries through this campaign and Movement. Our promise is to ensure action with clean batteries, convenient charging infrastructure and retraction of major downtime for delivery vehicle owners and riders.”

The launch event of the Movement was graced by Chief Guest Dr.Pawan Agrawal (M.Com. B.Ed., Ph.D.), International Motivational Speaker/TedX Speaker, Author, Educationist and Business Consultant who delivers Sessions on “Supply Chain Management of Mumbai Dabbawalas”. He congratulated Log9 for coming up with the Responsible Delivery Movement and said, “I strongly believe that Log9’s innovative battery technology can be a game-changing and life-changing factor that transforms the lives and lifestyle of many Indians. Every individual can become responsible and contribute towards the betterment of the nation by focusing on three aspects — passion, commitment and consistency — as has been exemplified by Mumbai’s dabbawalas. I am sure that the Log9 team will be able to demonstrate a similar commitment and passion through their Responsible Delivery Movement. I can also confidently promise that within a very short period of time, even a significant majority of Mumbai Dabbawalas will be switching to Rapid EVs that charge in 15 minutes using Log9 batteries.”

Alongside the introduction of the Responsible Delivery campaign, Log9 has also today unveiled its InstaCharging Station at the Log9 campus located in HSR Layout, Bengaluru. In the near future, Log9 has ambitious plans for establishing its RapidEVcharging ecosystem across various cities to enable fleet business across India to be part of the Responsible Delivery Movement. 

Below mentioned are a few key pointers on how Log9 plans to empower India’s fleet owners to carry forward the Responsible Delivery Movement:

  • Log9 batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with public charging infrastructure spread across the nation. The company has mapped its technology to be charged on any public charging unit and have successfully integrated the GB/T connectors with their batteries. To enable their availability to the fleet operators comfortably, they have also developed the InstaCharge app in-house, which will help fleet operators locate the nearest charging station/unit, enabling them to plan their delivery routes efficiently.
  • To further strengthen the EV ecosystem, Log9 will be launching its InstaCharge Stations to increase the density of available charging units across cities, starting with Bengaluru. Hereafter, the company plans to expand the charging infrastructure to other major cities and smaller towns. With its InstaCharge Stations, Log9 aims to provide the throughput that the fleet operators require to efficiently work on their deliveries and keep their vehicles charged all the time.  The company is also working on a plan to install its InstaCharge Stations at the fleet owners’ base location to support a hub and spoke model.
  • Finally, to provide highly efficient charging services, Log9 plans to provide ‘InstaCharge-On-Demand’ service, viz. a mobile EV-charging station that provides on-demand roadside assistance in case of any emergency requirements to the fleet operators.

Log9’s InstaCharge battery technologyprovides the unique opportunity to reduce carbon footprint associated with the last mile-delivery business while also enabling lesser cost of deliveries per km. Rapid-charging enables commercial fleet operators to minimize downtime and ensure operational flexibility/efficiency, thus leading to greater earning potential. The lower charging time also allows for more vehicles to be serviced by chargers, optimizing for utilization of charging infrastructure. In addition, Log9 battery packs are extremely safe and are made for Indian conditions, having been tested across temperatures from -30° to 60° C. With an operational life of up to 40,000 charge-discharge cycles, the battery offers consistent power, performance and peace of mind to the end-users. These features make Log9 RapidXbatteries the ultimate solution for electric powered final mile delivery, allowing operators to benefit from reduced operating costs while playing a role in lowering carbon emissions.Log9 has already partnered, and will continue to partner, with multiple last-mile aggregators and fleet owner companies to enable deliveries at scale on electric two-wheeler RapidEVsInstaCharged by Log9’s RapidX batteries. 

Log9’s estimates project an emission reduction of 49% (as compared to ICE vehicles used for deliveries)for each kilometre driven on theirRapidEVs (2W), with the current mix of energy sources in India’s grid (the percentage is expected to increase, as the grid adds more renewable energy over time). This method of examining the data logged by each vehicle is a key metric that Log9 will be using in the near future to calculate the overall greenhouse gases (GHG emissions) prevented from being released, thereby helping them to inform the end-customers about their collective contribution made to clean up the environment.

The hyperlocal and last-mile delivery segment in our country is now growing faster than ever, as its services are penetrating the Indian market even further. Currently, major delivery aggregators in India collectively clock in approximately 50 lakh deliveries each day; Log9 estimates the operational emissions (emissions that occur when a product is being used/operated) to be greater than 400 kilotonnes of carbon from them. However, with the help of the RapidEVsand InstaCharge technology, Log9 is committed and will work dedicatedly to drive the emissions reduction curve, while helping decarbonize the transport and logistics segment in India.

Source: Business World

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