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Swiggy Launches Swiggy Suraksha

The program is the industry’s most comprehensive care package, and covers a host of services such as stronger financial support and hospitalisation cover for delivery partners and their families affected by Covid-19.

After announcing the commencement of vaccination drives for its delivery partners last month, Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand delivery platform, today announced ‘Swiggy Suraksha’, a special care package that prioritises the health and safety of over 1.5 lakh delivery partners and their families.

The program is the industry’s most comprehensive care package, and covers a host of services such as stronger financial support and hospitalisation cover for delivery partners and their families affected by Covid-19.

Launched in the first week of May, the program has already helped delivery partners/their friends and family in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Kanpur, Jaipur, Pune and Modinagar with oxygen cylinders, oxygen beds, ambulance and Covid medicines.

“The efforts of our delivery partners in serving the country as an essential service over the past year is widely known. Throughout this pandemic, their health and safety along with that of consumers has been paramount to us. As we undergo a tougher second wave, our delivery partners continue to support the community by ensuring they have access to food, grocery, medicines and other essentials without leaving their homes. With Swiggy Suraksha, we are making sure that our delivery heroes also have the necessary support- including a 24*7 hotline for medical emergencies, access to doctors for themselves and their families, income support, free access to vaccines, hospitalization cover for themselves and their families if affected by Covid,” said Vivek Sunder, COO, Swiggy. “We have a great responsibility towards our partners, and consider this program as a milestone in our journey to do better for them every day.”

Swiggy Suraksha: Aiding delivery partners during Covid-19 recovery and beyond

● All Covid-19 affected delivery partners will be eligible to receive an industry-best income support and nutrition care support of Rs. 14,000 for two weeks without worrying about earning a livelihood during their recovery period. Swiggy has been offering this particular support throughout the past year.

● In cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, if partners choose to, Swiggy will do doorstep delivery of homestyle meals prepared in Swiggy’s cloud kitchens.

● Delivery partners and their families who test positive will receive enhanced hospitalization cover of upto 1.5 lac Rupees

● Swiggy has enhanced life insurance cover to 5 lac Rupees in the event of an untimely death of a delivery partner due to Covid-19

Separately, Swiggy will provide income support for one week for delivery partners during bereavement (death of dependents/ parents/ siblings/ grandparents). This is not limited to Covid-19 related bereavement.

24*7 Covid Hotline and on demand doctor support:

● In yet an industry-first, Swiggy’s 24*7 Covid hotline with employee volunteers and dedicated members will assist delivery partners, their friends and family with access to beds, ambulances, oxygen support, medical support, plasma support by real time searching and validating the availability of these critical resources.

● All delivery partners and their families have 24*7 access to doctors via telemedicine for health consultation and early assessment

● Affected delivery partners and their families will have 14*7 access to Covid specialist doctors

To ensure that the delivery partners have access to and understand the support Swiggy is providing, a microsite has been built within the Swiggy delivery partner app named ‘Swiggy Suraksha’. Available in all major regional languages, it carries details of available resources and support, FAQs for easy reference. Communication is the key during a crisis, so, apart from the microsite, communication on these initiatives also takes place on regular channels such as videos, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and through fleet managers.

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure the health and safety of delivery partners, Swiggy has introduced a number of initiatives throughout the pandemic. This includes in-app access to free telemedicine consultations, vaccination cover and loss of pay cover during vaccination, safety kits with masks and sanitizers, hygiene stations at restaurants, tech-enabled features including ‘safety gear audit’, promoting no-contact delivery for safety of consumers and delivery partners and RT-PCR tests in cities in mandated cities.

Note: All delivery partners engage with Swiggy on a principal to principal basis

Source: Business World

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