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Teachers Day 2021: 6 Successful Entrepreneurs Share The Guru-Mantra That Shaped Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Here are five successful entrepreneurs’ guru mantras that have stuck with them and encouraged them along their entrepreneurial path:

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are often savagely independent and self-reliant; however, no one achieves success entirely on their own; some of the greatest leaders have a team of great mentors and advisors. 

Whether in school, college or even after landing a job, we frequently meet inspiring people, some of whom take a special interest in helping us grow. These individuals, whether or not they are professional teachers, have the power to change our lives and assist us in achieving goals and advice from a good teacher or a wise mentor can lead the way to great achievement even in these times of tech-enabled teaching and tech-driven lifestyles. 

On this teacher’s day, here are five successful entrepreneurs’ guru mantras that have stuck with them and encouraged them along their entrepreneurial path:

Education space- 

Mr Sajal Singh, Founder, Civils Daily

I think the best advice is one that helps you move past your mental blocks. One of my mentors told me that no exam was big enough to decide my fate and what I could become. As a society, we have always thought of exams as a deal-breaker. This advice removed my fear of failure, not just in exams but in life, and became the building block to my success. I realised that a mentor’s word can be transformational and can help students unlock their own hidden potential. And this is the same principle that we apply with our students. The success of our students is built on the foundation that they do not need to fear an exam but conquer it.

Booming Bulls Academy Founders

Mr Anish Singh Thakur, Founder, Booming Bulls Academy 

Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it. This advice was given by my class teacher in school days.  – I have seen a lot of people struggling and would want them to get rid of the financial crisis and we through Booming Bulls Academy are truly making them independent.

Retail and E-commerce space-

Mr Bikky Khosla, Founder Tradeindia
While the journey of learning continues throughout our lives, it is those first few years of our education that help giving it a foundation to thrive on. An anecdote from my teacher that stuck with me is about utilizing the ‘6 inches’ space between our ears wisely. Accomplishments, milestones and strategies are all born in this little space and have the potential to create history. The difference between ‘impossible’ and ‘possible’ is nothing but a fraction of a second thought that changes everything around us. The power lies with all of us and the ones who can recognize and leverage that become the leaders of tomorrow.

Fintech space-

Mr Nirpeksh Kumbhat, Co-Founder, EnableCap
This teacher’s day I would like to remember and thank all my teachers. I would especially like to thank the teachers who pushed me the most, who were really strict with me, who gave me the most homework. While in school, students often dislike these teachers, try to avoid their classes, etc. But it is because of them pushing me that I was able to challenge myself and discover my potential. It is because of them that I believe in hard work. I saw how seemingly impossible equations started to become child’s play with dedication and hard work. This dedication and hard work had to be imposed upon us at that age ( and it would often elicit a negative emotional response), but it is because of this that I had an accomplished academic experience (with masters from the LSE) and I have the confidence to do and succeed in the fintech space.

Mr Sandeep Wirkhare, MD & CEO, ISFC  
There have been 2 gurus in my life whose lessons have been significant in my entrepreneurial journey. First, my uncle (Mr Bonde) from whom I learned nothing is impossible and always aim to make yourself redundant by creating efficient team members. Second, my chemistry teacher in graduation (Mr V P Singh) from whom I learned to continuously innovate, unlearn the irrelevant and be passionate in whatever we do.

Food space-

Mr Vinay Kothari, Founder of Go Desi

What I learnt from my teachers or gurus (some of whom I have known personally, others only through books, podcasts) is perseverance. How keeping at it is one of the single most important factors towards success in whatever you are passionate about. This is one thing that I have figured as a key requisite to success in the entrepreneurial journey as wellimage.gif

Source: Business World

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