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“The Exposure To Digital Has Created Opportunities For Learning” Pranav Agarwal & Raghav Bagai, Co-Founder, Sociowash

Being able to customize the way forward for each brand basis the brands’ positioning and needs, we help brands stand out in the crowd.

· What motivated you to start Sociowash? How was the journey so far?

Initially, when we had just started with Sociowash, we noticed there’s a need for organisations that understood the needs of individual profiles/brands and provided solutions that are specific to their personality and product. Even after completing 6 years of Sociowash with countless lessons learned, experiences had and battles won, we hold the ideology of adding value close to our hearts, just as strongly as we did back on day 1, if not more.

· How are brands going to communicate in this new normal?

We have noticed various brands have adopted different strategies to communicate their values to their TG. Understanding that the new normal is a scenario that needs communication with empathy, and at the same time smarter and digitally adapted content is becoming a new norm. Brands have started weaving stories that resonate with the digital-first consumers and create a stronger sense of relatability. The exposure to digital has created opportunities for learning about the user’s digital behavior and the communication is then put forward basis the insights & the TGs’ interests online (and also offline to some extent), this gives way to more customisable and personalised communication.

· Tell us about your Market presence and business plans?

Currently, Sociowash is based out of Delhi & Mumbai.

In terms of services, we’re planning to expand into the domains of Media Sciences and Video Production in the next 6-12 months. The agency envisions becoming one of the best places to work in the country by 2025. Additionally, we aim to be among the top 3 full-service agencies having a national and international presence in at least 5 corporate locations. We plan to continue supporting the business needs of our clients through cutting-edge innovation, combined with pure creativity and a data-driven approach.

· Can you explain what services Sociowash is providing to its clients?

We provide services such as Brand Campaign Management, Performance Marketing, Digital Strategy, Collateral Design, Website Design & Development, Youth Marketing, Influencer Strategy, Social listening and more.

· What are your expansion plans/ Where do you want to take Sociowash?

We pride ourselves on our culture and we see Sociowash 2025 as one of the best places to work in the country. We aim to be among the top 3 full-service agencies in the country by then and have our offices in 5 national and an international location. We are inching towards that goal as a unit with our commitment to teamwork, hard work, and a goal-oriented mindset.

· What are your USPs ?

The USP of Sociowash is that we produce tangible and intangible results, striking a perfect balance between art and business. Being able to customize the way forward for each brand basis the brands’ positioning and needs, we help brands stand out in the crowd.

· How this pandemic affected your Digital Marketing Industry?

Given the current market scenario, we are witnessing that a lot of brands are going digital. The year 2020 has pushed us towards rapid digitalization and we see a lot of potential in brands that offer products capable of benefiting from going digital but need the right digital growth strategy. We are expecting a hike in the number of brands being available digitally, making online presence an important factor while evaluating their businesses.

This has opened doors for Sociowash as we specialize in digital and we are more than eager to turn things around for brands, who want to go with the flow and take the leap into the digital world. We take equal, if not more, responsibility in helping our brands establish their business and helping them grow. We are looking forward to working with many more such brands that want to explore digital and take their brands forward with creativity and digital innovations.

· What is the future of Digital Marketing services in India?

Digital Marketing Industry is picking up pace in India. With more aware consumers and the abundance of brands that want to explore digital, we can see that Digital has become an indispensable part of our lives. A lot of growth and exploration are in store for the industry. We are not only talking about traditional digital practices but innovation-led digital media which offers personalised & super interactive communication to its user is the future of digital.

· Why has Digital Marketing become so important for a company to survive?

2020 was a difficult year for businesses across the globe, the pandemic has prepared us for the digital world well before we actually planned to.

This has pushed many brands, who were probably considering going digital but were hesitant, to adapt to the digital way before planned. With the increased social presence of users and the upcoming generations which are present more online than offline, digital has become one of the primary business providers to many.

Brands will have to adapt to digital in order to reach out to their TG, be it old or young, regardless of the location, spending power and across all interests, everyone is present online.

· What new projects are you working on?

At Sociowash we are always on the lookout for exploration. Given the current scenario, where brands are taking the digital plunge with more confidence, we are working on projects encompassing Interactive Websites, Youth-focused campaigns, Tech innovations, Branding, Creative outdoor projects, and Video innovations.

Source: Business World

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