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Trendspotting: AI Trends To Look Out For In 2021

While the industry application of AI is already a fact, there are many variants of AI yet to come our way since AI is both versatile and dynamic

For those of us who leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and know very well the impact of it, AI is the face of change. It has revolutionized the conventional way of working and helps several entities across verticals to scale their businesses. To a large extent, we are where we are today thanks to the advent of AI. That said, AI comes in all shapes and sizes. It is available for exploitation in the form of software and programs that we can leverage as tools of efficiency.

While the industry application of AI is already a fact, there are many variants of AI yet to come our way since AI is both versatile and dynamic. It is evolving rapidly as it enters new areas and undergoes variations of usage. To that end, here are some of the top AI trends that we can expect in 2021.

Video Editing

AI has been quite an invasive force, barging into numerous domains and transforming everything in its wake. Off late, it has forayed into the domain of Video Editing as well. That said, its application in Video Editing has ground-breaking penetrations. It can scan a text script, understand the plot of video content, and match the plot of the content with visuals as per the script, thereby completely automating workflow for video editors and simplifying their work at all levels.

Thanks to an increasingly content-driven marketing world, videos have become an essential component for individuals as well as organizations. We are now living in a digital age, and this implication is felt strongly on the business front – every marketing and sales plan revolves around video content, resulting in the need for an automated, AI-powered process.


Human transcribers generally take around four hours to transcribe hour-long audios. Furthermore, these four hours range is the minimum quote and according to some transcribers, it can easily go up to ten hours. What’s more, voice transcription is a craft that requires years of experience, making it a very expensive and tedious process. This simply means that automation is the need of the hour, something that only AI can deliver.

Much to the relief of many, AI has caught up to the craft of transcription and now, at any given hour, it is lifting the heavyweight off transcription work around the world. Recent breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has further made it easier for smart devices to transcribe audio clips. As such, AI-powered transcription is set to be one of the hottest AI trends of 2021.

Speech Modulation

As it turns out, AI can help creators personalize audio content for a unique interactive experience. This is to say that we have already achieved significant milestones in speech technology, thanks to great advancements in the form of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Now, we have chatbots and virtual assistants. What is even more fascinating is that speech technology is no longer restricted only to chatbots and virtual assistants.

The latest wave of speech technology goes beyond understanding a human voice – we can now recreate one! As such, business entities can leverage a unique synthetic voice for automated customer interaction and take brand projection and positioning to a new level. The sheen of it all is that this new ability can enable virtual assistants and chatbots to integrate human-sounding voices, thereby infusing life and authenticity into consumer service.

 Content Moderation

Looking at current scenarios, one can infer that the application of Artificial Intelligence in content moderation will continue to gain traction in the foreseeable future. Numerous brands will continue to require AI to moderate the content on their websites for generic issues such as spam. Now, this is pretty much a regular task for a brand, but it becomes an issue when a full-fledged human effort goes into it each day.

Therefore there is the need to automate at least a significant portion of the task to save time and effort that can be directed to more productive tasks. At this juncture, AI enters the picture and helps content moderators regulate platforms and forums. In effect, this does not completely automate the content moderation but it does lift a large portion of the work borne by human moderators.

In a nutshell, there is a certainty that all these AI trends that are expected to dominate in 2021 will continue to do so even in the years to come. Without a doubt, the integration of AI across industries and sectors is a revolution in itself, one that will stay and transform the way we do things. It does not take a seasoned analyst to perceive that this is a fast-paced world and the only way to catch up with the pace of these changes is by integrating the elements of changes such as AI and optimizing the same to achieve more growth. 

Source: Business World

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