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True Innovation Happens When You Look Beyond Capital

Innovation is the cornerstone of the conversations around any startup community. Often innovation can be misunderstood as it is only coming up with new tech apps, but innovation is all about creating an impact on society. In the society, we live in, families around us so understanding societal issues and if you could come up with an innovation that solves everyday issues.

At the BW Disrupt YEA 2021, a robust panel of experts takes us over their personal and their brand’s journey while keeping innovation to the bottom line of their operations.

while elaborating the term innovation, Pranit P Shilimkar, Founder, Fitnesstalk, said, “I value time a lot, so whatever innovation happens to save time is the first and the second thing is innovation has to have too much amount to value so it should actually optimise the productivity,” 

He further added, “The capital was never a problem for me because you need capital when you know exactly the supplies too much in your system but the demand is not happening so I think it is a perfectly balanced product business plan for me.”

“There is a cliche sa1ying which goes like ‘change is the only constant’ so you just need to keep reinventing renovating because if nothing then you’ll have a competitor in front of you and try to copy you and try to have a version of yours, so you need to always be two steps ahead, you need to understand what a consumer wants and what’s the next step. An this sums up that we need to re-invent every single day,” said Sairaj Dhond, Founder and CEO, Wakao Foods.

Dhond also added “If you have a great product you will have 100 investors chasing you, it’s up to you who you are going to work with. You have to be very choosy while choosing the correct investors. That should never change the ethos of the company because only you know your vision and onboard only those who can help you grow. Yes, you always need the right kind of mentorship who will tell you how can you achieve your goal but not someone who will completely change your path. Innovation Attracts Money And A Great Product Attracts Capital.”

Source: Business World

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