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Virtual Event Platforms Driving The Future Of Business Engagements

Here are some best virtual events platforms that are driving the future of business engagements

Virtual events are the new norm now. It is only when we encounter a pandemic such as the current outbreak of COVID-19 that we can really determine whether our organization is flexible.The Covid-19 pandemic has put us in a new sphere where leading virtual lives has become the new normal. However, there are some things that are not only difficult to execute online but also take the very essence of the event if the physical connection is not established with the audiences. This is where virtual events come into the limelight.

Many companies have temporarily switched to virtual events. A lot of organisations, event teams, and even educational institutions have switched to virtual events, and gradually virtual events are proving to be just as powerful as physical events. You can still focus on the most important areas of expertise, facilitate partnerships with valuable stakeholders and potential customers, drive sales and transform your market.

So, here are some best virtual events platforms that are driving the future of business engagements:

1. VouchPro- Founded in 2016, VouchPro is one of the fastest-growing hybrid and virtual events services providers that has successfully enabled over 15000 live internal and external events for large-scale enterprises in India. It provides 100% customizable and highly engaging virtual events solutions to businesses for various sectors such as Education, Banking, Consumer Tech, Pharma, and Manufacturing industries, in the most safe and secure environment.

VouchPro is setting a new benchmark in the virtual events space. The disruptive and strong technology-backed platform, VouchPro integrates AR/VR solutions and has proven to be a key enabler for businesses to make the content more impactful and engaging for the audience. VouchPro has spearheaded the virtual event space by helping businesses with its disruptive one-stop-solution for seamless 360 degrees streaming of hybrid events. The company provides an array of services right from live streaming solutions, video APIs, digital activations, and customer engagement.

2. Dreamcast- The Jaipur-based company offers interaction between two parties, meetings, group discussions with the most advanced and custom-made technology to lead a nurturing environment, and drive ideal engagements. It arranges virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM), virtual town hall meetings, virtual award shows, virtual meetings for companies, which is termed as a suitable format to organise meetings or shows.

The company offers virtual, hybrid events, webinars, and streaming solutions by engaging large audiences on the web across the world. The platform also maintains archives of events, conference videos, Q&A, and sessions. It hosts multiple sessions and also gives them social media space on their respective businesses.

3. Kestone– A wholly-owned subsidiary of Career Launcher (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE) and India’s leading data-driven integrated sales and marketing services company, founded in 1997, is the player behind India’s first, entirely home-grown, experiential virtual event platform.

Built on the pillars of Experience, Interactivity and Data & Analytics, this is the only virtual event platform which provides support for multiple languages besides offering impressive technical product features including 2-way video conferencing, LIVE video streaming, video conferencing in exhibitor booths and fully customizable 3D environments. The platform is further loaded with features that focus on making a virtual event as livelier as an offline event such as photo booth, gaming zone, support for emojis, audience polls and gamification with quizzes and leader board. 

4. VConfex- It is a leading virtual events platform that enables organizations to host online conferences, virtual events, online shows & more. VConfex facilitates ticket deals, live streaming, live visit and surveying, virtual exhibitor’s booth, AI fuelled systems administration meeting and gamification. The platform scalability offers the user to host events for panel discussion, round tables well as industry presentations. Like-minded people can have access to a wider range of networking via ongoing sessions. In compliance with the data centre of India and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it ensures the protection of personal data submitted by the users during registration on the platform.

5. Airmeet- Airmeet is one of the popular virtual events platforms right now. Launched in 2019, the platform is suitable for different events such as workshops, town halls, meetups and expos. The platform allows the host to run multiple parallel sessions and add up to 10,000 participants in a virtual event. You can also use the platform to host live streams on YouTube and Facebook. Other features are virtual ballroom, table chat, and screen-sharing, among others.

Source: Business World

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