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Why Brands Must Also Focus On Internal Communications As COVID Cases Rise Again

Building a strong internal communications framework will also drive productivity and sustainable growth under a globally impacted remote work situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected the global economy and disrupted the world in many ways. On one hand, businesses across the globe are scrambling to handle the crisis emerged due to pandemic, while on the other hand, companies are taking swift measures to cope up with the challenges caused by the unprecedented crisis. Amidst the outbreak, where companies are seeing different roadblocks, they are realizing the vital role of Internal Communications. The recovery strategy is two- fold. It includes proper planning and right communication. Communication that bonds with internal employees and different stakeholders, and is alert to what is essential in given scenario is the need of the hour.

Internal Communications is often neglected by the businesses. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, there’s a sudden light on the importance of internal communications. It is important for brands to understand the significance of internal communications and the key role it plays in supporting the long-term health of the business. Right internal communication will ensure that employees have the right tools to cope up with a whole new way of working alongside coping mechanism for long periods of isolation. Given the current situation, it is essential for brands to build an operational framework for internal communications, establish key communications themes for outreach and have a strategy in place that is aligned with brand values and company’s vision. Furthermore, building a strong internal communications framework will also drive productivity and sustainable growth under a globally impacted remote work situation.

Here’s the recommended Internal Communications framework that the companies should look at adopting:

Be Empathetic:

The coronavirus pandemic has led to heightened fears. During this time, while it is important for brands to communicate with its employees and customers, it is also vital for them to understand the tough times that everyone is going through. Brands should emphasize on how employee safety is important, about how they care about their employees, highlighting “We’re here for you and we’ll cope with everything together”.

Establish the Regular Communication Channel :

As the shift to remote working is different, it is important for brands to set a regular time period for internal communications across all staff. Brands can utilize these calls for general updates and to understand the challenges faced by the employees if any. This could further help in strengthening and building the trust amongst the employees.

Focus on Employee Engagement:

As the employees are working remotely with no personal connect, it is essential for brands to identify activities for employee engagement like online gaming session, Zumba session, inspirational webinars, etc to keep employees motivated.

Outline Objectives and Goals:

Defining objective is the core thing for any brand right now. In the current scenario, setting up your objectives that could make a difference to a society and aligning your goals with the right communication approach amongst your workforce will be an additional advantage. It is crucial to sync the team with the new goals and accordingly articulate strategy.

Draw the Next Action Plan:

With the objectives in place, brands should look at drawing the strategy plan to cope up the crisis. Companies should look at taking opinions and recommendations from their employees in order to craft the new strategy to reach the objective. Drawing the strategy with right communication channel can help brands to sail through the crisis.

Companies with an already established strong internal communications are at an advantage, while others who weren’t as prepared can look at building out their strategy for communication which could help them in the growth of their business in long term.

Source: Business World

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