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Camel’s new campaign embraces children’s artistic individuality

Camel, from the house of Kokuyo Camel, has launched its latest ad campaign Camel ki Colourful Duniya, Meri Duniya. The campaign celebrates the uniqueness of every child’s art.

Conceptualised by Bombay Design Centre, this campaign includes a series of 6 films showcasing the importance of kids’ indulgence in painting & drawing. Through art, children express their individuality and help parents & educators get a peek into their colourful duniya. 

Commenting on the campaign, Rishi Kakar, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin Limited, said, “This campaign throws an interesting light on the world we live in, where parents strive to fulfil their duties as a provider often at the cost of their duties as a caregiver. Every child’s art gives a glimpse of their feelings and brings the family together.  #CamelKiColourfulDuniya captures the role of art in a child’s world as the language of the heart. In other words, Camel brings out the language of the heart.”

Amole Gupte, Director, of Taare Zameen Pe fame, said, “My childhood is dipped in vibrant Camel Water Colours! I brought my childhood to life by making the new Camel advertisement film”

The integrated launch of this campaign will be promoted across various platforms, including television, digital media, trade marketing, OTT platforms, and more. 

Nandana Nair, Head, Digital Marketing at Kokuyo Camlin Limited, said, “This campaign underlines the place of Camel and Camlin in every Indian household. Cherished across generations, #CamelKiColourfulDuniya highlights the unifying role of art in bringing families together. These films beautifully portray every child’s joy of engaging with colours and the innocence of their view of the world.”

Source: Social Samosa

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