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Case Study: How Snickers used Snapchat lens, reaching 5.9 Mn users

The Case Study takes a look at how Snickers associated with Snapchat through Snap lens to connect with GenZ and create engagement and recall on the platform.

Category and Brand introduction

Snickers is a chocolate bar made by the American company Mars, it is popular for its nougat topped with caramel and peanut flavour. The brand wanted to explore new and innovative ways to diversify their consumer base. Snickers partnered with Snapchat to drive a full funnel campaign by using three different ad properties.


With the aim of reaching the target audience and staying true to the spirit of creating a fun engaging experience that would create a direct brand recall, Snickers with Snapchat created a distinct ‘Hungry Face’ Lens. The brand leveraged Snap’s AR offerings for their teenage audience to discover their ‘hungry face’ and have a Snickers bar virtually.

Problem Statement/Objective

Snickers wanted to reach more users and increase the user engagement on the Snapchat platform


As mentioned earlier the brand believes that everyone has a unique ‘hungry face’, and grabbing a Snickers bar is the solution to it. Taking this thought forward, the brand wanted to reach more users and increase user engagement on Snapchat.

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The target audience – Gen Z – is known to have a shorter attention span and they look out for experiences that are unique and engage them rather than passively viewing ads.


The brand used Snap’s lens as a fun way to connect and engage with consumers, demonstrating the user’s hungry face by utilizing AR capabilities and then sharing a Snickers to make them happy. The brand also utilized Commercials, (Snapchat’s premium, non-skippable video offering) that helped to deliver the brand’s message for a longer duration by leaving users to their tagline question – “Hungry? Grab a Snicker?”

To help the brand reach a large audience, Snickers also utilized Snap Ads and amplified it by interest-based targeting to create awareness & and deliver the brand messages across various demographics.



The brand overall saw a positive lift in ad awareness + 6pts, with both genders showing a significant lift of +9 pts & +5 pts by females & males respectively. All demographics of age saw a positive lift with 18 to 20 years showing +12pts lift in ad awareness, indicating ad creatives of Snickers to be appealing and popular with them. The Lens performed with 5.9 million unique reach and 10.46 secs of average playtime.

Ad awareness through all three ad properties saw a high lift with lens, snap ads & commercials achieving +11pts, +8pts & + 6pts lift respectively. Snickers received an uplift of +15pts on ad awareness and +6 pts on message awareness.

“At Snickers, we are constantly looking for new ways to reach audiences and expand geographies. We partnered with Snapchat to successfully reach Gen Z’s through innovative and immersive experiences that Snapchat creates through Lens and other ad formats. We have been doing regular campaigns with Snapchat, and this has helped us to build a positive and unique brand reach with high engagement”, Kapil Parab, Senior Brand Manager – Mars.

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