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Digital Ready Students Are Becoming Successful Entrepreneurs- Know How

The life of an entrepreneur is an exciting one that demands dedication and endurance. A good business idea, knowledge of how that idea may solve a specific problem, and a prospective market for your business’s product or service are all essential for budding entrepreneurs. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to bring ideas to reality and have a beneficial societal impact.

Having spent 7+ years in the education sector, Digital Ready has imparted digital marketing skills to 4500+ students and has successfully completed 150+batches. Let’s meet a few of the successful entrepreneurs who started their journey at Digital Ready.

Girija Thandra – Hyderabad

As a young girl, Girija always wanted something extraordinary of her own, but was not sure about how to begin with. After completing her B.Sc. in computer science she started working with Accenture and Infosys as an executive -operations and marketing for a year and two respectively.

She then worked as a data analyst, where she was introduced to the magical world of digital marketing. She soon realized that this is her calling and wanted to learn in-depth about the sector. Simultaneously working as a senior data analyst at Ushta te she enrolled herself in a digital marketing course at Digital Ready where she tried her hands on website analysis, research, and designing content.

She was so determined to make her mark in the digital marketing sector that she soon set up her own event management company in the year 2021 that goes by the name- SubhapradamEvents. Her company has truly created its niche in the market and will achieve new heights with years to come.

Successful Entrepreneur

Arjun Chekoti- Hyderabad

Arjun after completing his MBA in marketing, started working in HDFC bank. This career was not meant for Arjun and he started working on something that he could call his own. Being a fitness enthusiast, Arjun loved binging on peanut butter and was not satisfied with the quality of peanut butter available in the Indian market, which was hugely sugar in content. He wanted to create a peanut butter in stoneground that is not only high in nutrients, but is also less sugary without adding preservatives . Straight after resigning from the bank he started his own peanut butter business by the name- Barenutty (Tasteofnuts). 

Arjun worked very hard to set-up his business, but was still far from being successful. He then approved Digital Ready and enrolled for a digital marketing course. He was then able to fully utilize the social media platform which helped him to broaden his customer reach. He was also presented with the power of trending videos which further enabled him to create a bigger empire.

Barenutty aims at providing the most natural and vegan form of peanut butter spreads, energy bars and chocolates to its customers. Barenutty currently caters to the Indian territory but soon wishes to spread its wings in the international arena.

Successful Entrepreneur 1

Going through these beautiful and exciting journeys, have made us realize a few things.

First, to begin with, no notion is too tiny to begin with. We should focus on the idea and how to bring it to light. Second, to get started, you don’t need a lot of money. Yes, you might require a small loan or working capital which you could get from the bank. Third, higher education can be beneficial, but it should not be a hindrance to entrepreneurship.

Studying Digital Marketing Course gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a strong business environment and take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to student entrepreneurs. Get the information and skills you need to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality and become the next big business roaring success!

Source: Digital Ready

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