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Domino’s makes #TheLastSlice the hero of the Friendship Day campaign

#TheLastSlice Domino's

The campaign #TheLastSlice by Domino’s captures how the last slice can help forge relationships and bonds that can last a lifetime

This Friendship Day Domino’s unveiled a campaign featuring #TheLastSlice – as it acts as the catalyst for making new friends. Designed and conceptualized by Schbang, the campaign features three influencers who friend three strangers as they debate who gets to eat the last slice of the pizza.

This fun-filled social experiment campaign saw three pairs of strangers bond over a single slice with conversations ranging from Bollywood to dialogues to TV shows. The campaign is Live across multiple social media platforms, as part of the larger media plan.

The pairs included creators Farida Patel, Monika Choudhary and Nishika Khanna, paired with influencers Aaron Koul, Abhinav Anand and Sainee Raj respectively. While one pair gets along because of the common love for Bollywood, another pair pleasantly surprises the other with lines from the same TV show. Each duo ultimately had a slice together, which marked the beginning of a new friendship.

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Additionally, the brand struck up social media conversations with a contest on Instagram. Users can tag the person with whom they want to share the Last Slice of Pizza on Friendship Day and tell them why. The best entries are slated to win.

The last slice of a pizza is one of the most wrestled for things. It has to be earned. One needs to often fight for it. With this campaign, the brand captures how the last slice can help forge relationships and bonds that can last a lifetime. The Domino’s Friendship Day campaign makes for a fun watch.

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