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Experience the fusion of flavours with Fanta’s Fnacking campaign

For decades, Fanta has been synonymous with fun, deliciousness, and refreshment. Its iconic orange flavour, brimming with citrusy zest, has been a preferred beverage for everyone. This long-standing legacy continues to appeal to both long-time fans and the new generation with its timeless taste.

People love snacking – whether it’s street food or homemade nibbles, and Fanta has always been at the core of these lip-smacking flavours.



Fanta with its new campaign featuring Kartik Aryan is here to elevate that joy of snacking. With its distinct taste, Fanta perfectly complements the spirit of exploration and experimentation in the snacking world.

The new campaign captures the joy of pairing a Fanta Orange with favourite snacks. The Campaign takes us on Kartik’s vibrant journey with his favourite snack combo accompanied by a chilled Fanta, showcasing the joy and excitement that Fanta brings to the snacking ritual. 

Speaking on his association with Fanta, actor Kartik Aaryan said “Being part of Fanta’s Fnacking campaign has been amazing! Fanta’s indulgent and flavorful Fnacking proposition is a game-changer. It’s truly exhilarating for me to be involved in this captivating campaign that brings a Champion spirit and a fresh perspective to the table.”

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the campaign is set to captivate audiences across multiple platforms, including television, digital media, and outdoor advertising, intending to bring the charm of Fanta to every corner of the nation.

As India’s snacking culture thrives on experimentation and unique combinations, Fanta emerges as the ideal companion, enhancing the flavours of these delectable treats and making every snack moment extraordinary.

Commenting on the campaign, Sumeli Chatterjee, Senior Category Director, Sparkling flavours, Coca-Cola India and South-West Asia, said, “We are celebrating Fnacking as the joy of snacking in its unique, flavourful Fanta way. This campaign emphasizes that snacking is not just about quelling hunger but about elevating the entire experience with flavours that excite the taste buds. We are thrilled that Kartik Aaryan agrees with us and loves to add Fanta to his snacking ritual, making every moment more vibrant and enjoyable. Fnacking is not just a moment but a delicious sensorial experience.” 



Fanta’s #FnackingCampaign isn’t just about snacking; it’s about reimagining the way we relish snacks. Visit Fanta India’s Instagram page to get whacky, cracking and Fnacking.





Source: Social Samosa

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