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Facebook tests new feature for Creator Studio

Story Highlight Clips is the new feature being tested for Facebook Creator Studio to enable creators drive views to video posts from Stories.

This feature in Facebook Creator Studio would enable creators to share a pre-edited snippet of their video post to Stories. This clip can be edited or posted as it is on Stories. Creators can tap “Share Clip” on any of the published videos, to give their viewers a preview of their content.

The feature has been designed to drive viewers from Stories to the video post, and increase views on the primary post. The maximum duration of this clip can be 20 seconds and the portion to e displayed in the clip can be adjusted by the creator, and also reviewed before posting.

The tool is currently only available on the Creator Studio desktop. The clips will display a “See more” button that would redirect the viewer to the primary video, and consequently increase the views on that post.

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Furthermore, Facebook recently also introduced moderation tools for creators. To help moderate comments and interactions on their content, Facebook has rolled out keyword blocking that automatically hides comments with those keywords and its variants with numbers, symbols, or different spellings.

The platform has also enabled creators to hide distasteful comments, along with the option to view all hidden comments in one place by changing the filter in keyword blocking.

Moderation Assist, which allows creators to set criteria from a list of rules to moderate comments on a post including comments with links, images, and more, is also being tested in the beta phase.

Additionally, the platform is developing profanity keyword blocking tools, suspending/banning controls, and stronger comment controls. Facebook Live community moderation that lets creators designate a viewer to moderate comments on their behalf, will also be initiated soon.

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