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FCB Group India holds FCB NOW to bring platforms and brands together around new-age solutions

FCB Group India unveiled ‘FCB NOW’, a program that brings together brands and platforms to develop new-age solutions. This program has been made possible through FCB’s partnerships with industry giants like Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Jio, Meta, and ShareChat helping shape the future with cutting-edge solutions and opportunities to address today’s pressing challenges.

“FCB NOW represents a significant opportunity for brands to not only understand the future of the digital landscape but also explore potential solutions for building new-age strategies using technology, AI and content, etc,” said Dheeraj Sinha, FCB Group CEO, India and South Asia. “We are excited to bring together some of the most influential platforms in the digital space to inspire our brands with solutions for the future. This program aligns with our company’s core mission of building Timeless and Timely brands, with creativity fuelled by diversity, data and technology to drive big brand success,” he added.

This program emphasises generating ideas, building innovative programs, creating workstreams, and solving client problems through new-age tools and solutions, including integrating AI and other advanced technologies.

Source: Social Samosa

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