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How Digital Ready’s Content Marketing Training Can Help You Become a Valuable Content Marketer

Everything you see in the digital space, right from the captions on your favorite social media posts to any piece of text on any given website, comes under content. Now, how do you become an effective content marketer? The answer is easy – by joining Digital Ready.

We have over six years of experience teaching and are among the premier digital marketing institutes in India. Having taught over 4,000 students, we’ve been able to deeply understand how exactly to employ the best methods of teaching.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the strategic planning and creation of content for a target audience so as to create brand awareness and get profitable returns. This content needs to be delivered consistently so as to keep the brand relevant and the audience engaged.

Importance of a Content Marketer in the Digital Marketing Process

Content marketing is all about making a striking first impression and then maintaining it. The importance of content marketing lies in the fact that it delivers the required knowledge in a manner that customers want so that it increases its relevance.

In a nutshell, your brand becomes more and more valuable over time as you continue to create valuable content. And the more you help your audience, the more your brand will gain a reputation as a leader in your field.

What Do You Learn at Digital Ready?

Once you’re done with our course, you’ll be able to understand the following concepts way better:

1. Importance of Content in Marketing

The content you create is responsible for delivering your message, educating your readers, and persuading them to purchase your products and services over your competition. That sure makes it important, right?

2. Quality Factors – Grammar, Spellings, Flow, and Readability

No matter the amount of content you create, if it isn’t quality content, what’s the use? All your grammar, spellings, flow, and most importantly readability, should be well optimized. Your formatting and content structuring should be done excellently.

3. Storytelling – Importance, Examples, How to Do It

Everyone loves a great story. People want to feel connected to a group, to belong. This is where the power of storytelling comes in, and we teach our students just how to harness its power using examples and whatnot.

4. Understanding the Customer Journey and Expectations

You need to understand your customers before you can create content for them so that your content resonates with them and they understand your message better.

5. Creating Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas helps identify where your ideal customers are likely to hang out online. Creating personas lets you get to know your ideal customer more intimately. Their pain points, challenges, interests, and also where they like to spend time and get information online.

6. Coming up with Content Ideas for each stage of the Customer Journey

There are many stages involved in a customer’s journey, from recognition to awareness, purchasing, and everything in between. We help you create content for all of them.

7. The Content Matrix – Entertain, Inspire, Educate and Convince

The matrix is a framework to help direct your marketing based on your specific content goals, whether you want or need to entertain, inspire, educate or convince your audience.

8. How to Create Content for a Web Page

We teach you to build a website from scratch and help you understand all the content that it needs to be filled with. You need to understand that good website content isn’t restricted to blog posts and the written word.

9. How to Create Content for a Blog Post

In this endless digital space, there are numerous ways in which you can stand out and one such way is to start blogging. We teach you how to make the best use of blogging since it can really change the game for you.

10. How to Create Video Content

Videos are among the most consumed formats of content by audiences globally and thus, video marketing must be in the repertoire of every marketer out there. We teach our students how to create the perfect video marketing strategies for their brand.

11. How to Create Infographics

There are endless ways in which an infographic can be created using the various infographic tools available online. Learning how to make the best use of them and incorporating them correctly in the content is vital.

12. How to Create Social Media Content

We all know that a social media marketing strategy hinges on quality content. Poor quality or irrelevant content equals no engagement. This is where we come in, and coach our students on exactly how to create some amazing content for social media.

13. Various Content Marketing Tools

We help them in getting acquainted with content marketing tools that not just help them in upping their content marketing game but get better each day. Tools such as BuzzSumo, Canva, PiktoChart, Invideo are taught by our highly skilled trainers.

How Are We Different from Other Academies?

What sets us apart in the content marketing domain, from all the other academies, can be summed up perfectly in the five points given below:

  • We make every student experience the importance of content

Quality content makes your products/services stand out and essentially, that is all there is to it. That is what content marketing is all about and we help our students in realizing this crucial thing.

Once your content starts connecting with your chosen audience, it is only uphill from there because, after that, they’ll keep coming back to you for more. Your audience needs to trust you and for that to happen, you have to work at it daily and come up with quality content constantly.

  • We make them come up with content ideas using various tools and framework 

Platforms such as Quora and Reddit, and tools such as BuzzSumo, are extremely helpful in coming up with content ideas. We take our students through each one and help them in conceptualizing new ideas.

  • We make them create content in various formats

Quality content also comes up easily on search engines and the various social media platforms, if created using the right techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each word, each image, and each detail matters because they all contribute to the bigger picture.

Also, not just sticking to one format helps. Your content should have a mix of text, images, videos, and so on, to make the content more engaging. We help our students practice creating content in different formats to get the best out of content marketing.

  • We provide qualitative feedback on each and every content piece produced

We carefully go over the pieces of content our students create and give them constructive feedback so that they are constantly learning and improving. Each day our students are learning something new and discovering the best content marketing practices.

  • We encourage them to build their personal brand

Creating your personal brand using content marketing is pretty simple. All you have to do is remain consistent and keep working actively towards your goal. We train our students to do just that.

Final Words

Content marketing is vital as it can help you to establish your business and help you grow without the cost of renting an office space and the other hassles that accompany it. Your training and how the concept is taught to you matters a lot. Digital Ready has successfully mentored and taught over 4,000 students and counseled endless marketers, and businessmen to reach their potential using content marketing. Join us today, and you can be next! 

Source: Digital Ready

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