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How do we help students in getting placements?

A lot of times students ponder about how they would get placed, where they would get placed, will they acquire a job that suits their profile, etc etc. Individuals beginning their career or restarting their career are often preoccupied with such thoughts which bother them to such an extent that they fear pursuing their passion. They fear whether they will be able to earn as much as they desire, will the acquired job give stability financially and emotionally, etc.. it’s ok to feel this way, such apprehensions are quite obvious and common to be experienced by an individual. Do not let these thoughts hamper your career. Henceforth the correct guidance is what needs to be sought.

Coming from the same set of ideas and thoughts, we have brainstormed certain parameters to help our candidates in the best possible way technically as well as in terms of self-grooming of the individual so that the candidate is a holistic package and worthwhile addition to the organization. We have designed our placement process in such a way to meet these ideas and give solutions to such obstacles.

The placement process with digital-ready is a rigorous experience where the candidate is not just being assessed on several parameters but enlightening his or her pool of knowledge. As a team, we have devised several ways in order to give our candidates a fruitful journey with our academy.

Our path entails 8 weeks of effort from the candidates, mentors, and the placement team. We have segregated the journey of 8 weeks into several components to not make it cumbersome for any individual. We begin from knowing our candidates one on one level to preparing them for mock interviews and facing a panel of interviewers with utmost confidence and diligence. This is how placement journey with digital-ready looks like-

Every activity is scored by our team of professionals and also to avoid any discrepancies we make sure we have task reviews as a part of our process. These activities not only help the candidates to be thorough with the technical knowledge but also help them overcome their hurdles of stage fright, being underconfident, not able to articulate the thoughts and ideas in a speech in a stipulated time, and learning a proper code of conduct in online as well as offline interviews. Digital ready guarantees 100% placement for freshers once the minimum bar of our scoring i.e. 70% is met by the candidate on the completion of activities of 8 weeks. Remember when we say 100% placement we actually mean it. Furthermore, we give placement assistance to the already experienced candidates and try our best to provide them with job opportunities from top-notch companies.

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