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Instagram set to launch its Creator AI program

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is developing the next stage of Creator AI program, which will be integrated into the app, allowing users to ‘Create an AI version of themselves.’

The primary focus is likely on creators, with Instagram previewing this option back in April as an extension of its celebrity-influenced AI chatbots. 

Additionally as reported by, The New York Times, Meta’s new program, ‘Creator A.I.’, is currently in early testing stages, aiming to allow influencers to chat with fans via direct messages on social networks and potentially through Instagram comments in the future. Meta states that the main aim of this program is to assist popular creators with administrative tasks, such as responding to fan comments. 

Meta has been actively developing its AI bot creation process for some time, as indicated by the post above. It appears that the launch of this feature is drawing nearer, heralding a new era where users may engage with AI versions of their favorite influencers, potentially altering the dynamics of online interaction.

Source: Social Samosa

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