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Major Obstacles Faced By Students While Choosing Their Career And How To Overcome Them

There are several hurdles that we as individuals face in our lives when it comes to walking on our career path. We do recognise these obstacles but somewhere stand clueless to find any solution to them. We often get entangled within these problems and end up making wrong career choices. Because of this very reason individuals tend to switch between several career options and remain unsatisfied with the chosen options and eventually make compromises with whatever field is available to them keeping in mind that their exploration phase has ended and they want stability in their lives.

Why not dwell into your passionate field instead of making compromises and settling for less? Why not find answers to the problems we face in our day to day life.

In order to find answers to our problems it is important to acknowledge our problem in the first place. Let’s together illuminate some of the common problems that everyone faces or might have faced at some point of life and try to seek the best possible alternatives to enhance the acquired personality.

Before we even talk about the technicality of any subject, there are several other non technical aspects due to which we fail to excel in our field even though we have the best of the knowledge of our field. We keep brushing up on our technical knowledge so much that we forget to work on developing skills in order to have a better impact on our audience. Most of us fear the impromptu presentations and start sweating on the very thought of it. The reflex answer to such a situation is “NO, I CAN’T DO IT!”

We fear what IF we forget, what IF we aren’t able to present ourselves, what IF we can’t express what we intend to, what IF we are not liked by others and the fellow people judge us for our work. The very thought of a negative outcome makes us withdraw from several new tasks which not only hampers our creativity but also our growth as an individual. It is likely to ponder over the ifs and buts of a situation but we should not let it interfere with one’s performance.

A lot of times we aren’t able to deliver what we intend to. Have you thought about why it happens? We all are individuals with different mindsets, ideas, thoughts and somewhere we colour our judgements with our own set of biases. Sometimes we have the best of the ideas to put forward but we aren’t able to express because of stage fright, anxiety or nervousness and the entire purpose gets defeated and in vain. Some amount of stress is essential for an adequate performance. However, excess stress can lead to poor performance and thus it is vital to have an adequate amount of stress in order to perform well in a task. It is important to adopt practises like mirror talking where the person can prepare the speech and perform it in front of the mirror in order to have a self introspection and analysis about one’s performance. Looking for motivational and inspirational videos can also be a good idea to inculcate some of the new learnings as to how to create an impact on the target audience. Apart from this one can also make videos of oneself and look at the areas needed to be worked upon. Thereafter, brainstorming and making improvements as to what better could have been done to the already existing content. Moreso, one can try his/her level best to grab the opportunities of presentations and other verbal deliveries especially activities like extempores and other impromptu tasks, which would not only help to overcome the stage fright but also give a boost to one’s confidence and self esteem.


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