Meta launches monetization opportunities and rewards for Reels content

Meta has introduced new monetization opportunities with expanded overlay ads, Stars on Reels tests, and has also made Insights and Challenges to Reels Play available on Facebook, to share insights on Reels performance and bonus earning potential.

Along with the monetization opportunities, Meta has also announced original content in Reels would be rewarded in distribution, growth, and monetization. The company had recently launched ranking changes that prioritize the distribution of original content in places such as the Reels tab and Feed on Instagram and Feed and Watch on Facebook, the tabs where Reels are recommended.

Reels Play Bonus Program

Meta is altering the process of payout calculation, aimed at rewarding creators across a range of audience sizes who are making quality original content that resonates with users, and this may result in payouts changing for some creators, and Meta is also introducing ‘Challenges’ on Facebook, a new incentive that intends to help creators in the Reels Play bonus program unlock new ways to earn from their content, up to 4,000 USD in a given month. This incentive is selectively available to a few creators.

Each creator in the program will be able to participate in a series of sequential, cumulative challenges each month. For example, earn 20 USD when 5 of the Reels reach 100 plays each. When a creator completes one challenge, the next challenge becomes unlocked. For example, when a creator completes the 5 Reel challenge example above, they would see the next one, e.g., earn 100 USD when 20 of the Reels reach 500 plays each, and so on. Creators’ progress on Challenges will reset back to #1 at the start of each 30-day bonus period.

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Meta will continue to test various incentive programs, and adjust payout pricing.

Insights For Reels

The insights for Reels Play creators on Facebook would provide more visibility to creators into how their Reels are performing. On the Reels Play Bonus Insight page on Facebook, creators can see how many Plays each of their eligible Reels received within the given earning period.

Creator Monetization

Meta will be rolling out overlay ads in Reels on Facebook and will be initiating tests with a wider set of creators, (beyond the in-stream ads program) to expand availability to more creators and open up more quality inventory for advertisers on our platform.

The company has been expanding tests of Stars on Reels, and soon, Instagram creators can crosspost their Reels to Facebook, giving them the ability to share their Reels to their followers on both platforms, opening up the potential to grow audiences on both Instagram and Facebook. Meta will also explore the ability of eligible creators to earn a share of revenue on crossposted Reels via overlay ads. Creators can also earn bonuses from both Instagram Reels Play and Facebook Reels Play.

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