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Microsoft invests in ChatGPT’s developer OpenAI


Microsoft and OpenAI announce the third phase of their long-term partnership to accelerate AI breakthroughs and to ensure these benefits are broadly shared with the world.

Microsoft has announced a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI. This Microsoft and OpenAI deal marks the third phase of the partnership between the two companies, following the tech giant’s previous investments in 2019 and 2021. Microsoft said the renewed partnership will accelerate breakthroughs in AI and help both companies commercialize advanced technologies in the future.

“We formed our partnership with OpenAI around a shared ambition to responsibly advance cutting-edge AI research and democratize AI as a new technology platform,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft in a blog. “In this next phase of our partnership, developers and organizations across industries will have access to the best AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain with Azure to build and run their applications.”
While Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the specific financial terms of the deal with OpenAI but Semafor reported that Microsoft was in talks to invest as much as $10 billion.

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Commenting on the partnership, Nadella said in a Tweet, “In this next phase of our partnership with @OpenAI, we will deliver the best AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain for customers to safely and responsibly build and run their applications on Azure.”

The past three years of our partnership have been great,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. “Microsoft shares our values and we are excited to continue our independent research and work toward creating advanced AI that benefits everyone.”

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