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Noise releases campaign ft Rishabh Pant for India – New Zealand series

Noise's Rishabh Pant

Noise’s latest campaign ft. Rishabh Pant highlights the feature where smartwatch users can connect more seamlessly and quickly to their world.

Noise released a campaign series, featuring the renowned cricketer and the brand’s ambassador Rishabh Pant, to educate and inform people of Noise’s own advanced calling feature – Tru SyncTM. The digital ad campaign is releasing on 18th November along with the most awaited India Tour of New Zealand 2022 on Amazon Prime.

Featuring Rishabh Pant, the campaign includes a series of 3 short videos that talk about the feature in a fun and light-hearted manner. The digital ad campaign depicts the brand’s youthful and light-hearted emotions showcased by Rishabh Pant, where is seen making calls using Noise smartwatch without any interruptions.

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Gaurav Khatri, Co-Founder of Noise said on the launch of the new campaign, “We at Noise have always strived towards creating a brand that resonates with the young Indian audience. Keeping this spirit alive, our brand campaign with Rishabh Pant echoes our mission to be young India’s pulse keeper. With new-age India keen on uninterrupted experiences, our Tru SyncTM technology in the new campaign series offers just that. We are confident that our young audience will identify with the campaign while they indulge in the upcoming cricket series.”

The campaign calls out the brand’s youthful and spirited emotions and highlights how the seamless advanced calling technology adds to the overall match viewing experience as it allows cricket lovers to take calls without interrupting their game experience.

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