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OML backs Tinder x Shubman Gill campaign for Cannes Lions 2024

Only Much Louder Entertainment’s Cannes Lions 2024 entry is the Tinder x Shubman Gill campaign. The campaign is competing under the Guerilla Marketing Stunts and Activations category. 

Shubman Gill is a fan-favourite among cricket lovers. In February 2023, a fan was seen holding a banner which read, “Tinder, Shubman se match kara do.”​ (Tinder, help me match with Shubman) during the third T20 match against New Zealand at Ahmedabad. The message was shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter) who tagged Tinder to help out the fan. Soon, this tweet went viral with the original post initially gaining 700K+ views.

As ‘Madam Placard’ started going viral, the brand wanted to own the narrative. ​Tinder ​​and OML sprung into action, ​giving ​the photo a little nudge to set off a chain reaction. ​It ​gave ​the photo a nudge via culture hubs and community pages​ in the first 24 hours​ and the viral moment was everywhere, even ​on TV.

The brand strategically placed billboards along Shubman Gill’s next game route and near his hotel. To ensure maximum impact, it enlist​ed the help of Shubman’s friends and family, urging them to share photos of the billboards and tag him. ​

Two days later, Shubman himself created a verified Tinder Profile to fulfil the girl’s dream of connecting with her cricket idol. 

Manav Parekh, Senior Vice President and Executive Director at OML said, “We had a well​-timed campaign that took into account India’s fan culture behind Shubman Gill and cricket; deliberately organiz​ing various touch points leading to maximized impact & reach. The campaign gathered attention from across the nation; with people applauding Tinder ​for amplifying the voice of a user.”

Overall, the moment marketing campaign garnered widespread attention on social media and translated into positive results for the brand as it witnessed an increase in app signups. 

When it comes to the youth, this moment marketing trend did the trick. Parekh reflects on the future of creativity and advertising, saying it is headed in the direction of being real and being fun. 

“Younger agencies, whether it’s us at Only Much Louder or others, are doing just that. It is also just how younger generations think and approach ideas. The amount of clarity and conviction they bring to the table has a large part to play in a lot of the work you see today. Including this campaign, which came from two of our then-youngest minds at Only Much Louder.”


Source: Social Samosa

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