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Some Common Myths about Digital Marketing Debunked

Digital marketing as a concept has been around for quite some time now but people have only recently, in the past four to five years, realized its value. However, since it is relatively new, a lot of misconceptions surround it. 

As is the case with anything that isn’t completely understood, people tend to operate based on a lot of misinformation and false notions. But today is the day we clear the air and right a few wrongs. 

Common misconceptions about marketing

Through this blog, we’ll be taking you through some of the most common myths about digital marketing and correcting them in the process.  

Common Myths about Digital Marketing

Some of the most common misconceptions about marketing have been given below:

#1 Digital marketing is very computer-centric 

Even though this might seem a bit over the top to many readers, it is the truth but a common misconception. Many people think that digital marketing is all about computers and how they can be used for marketing. 

While on the contrary, the online form of marketing makes use of platforms such as smartphones, radio, electronic billboards, and so on as well apart from computers. Interactive advertisements, personalized emails, websites for mobile phones – the list goes on. 

Therefore, digital marketing uses various digital mediums collectively to reach the consumers. 

#2 Massive traffic always equals to success 

Another one of the really big myths about digital marketing. Just because a website is generating lots of traffic, does not mean that the digital marketing strategy has been successful. 

Loads of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that the work is done but the effectiveness is determined based on the kind of customers that visit the website. Every company or business has its target audience. 

Quality digital marketing helps them get their target audience so that they can make actual sales and generate some income. 

Website Traffic

#3 Only big businesses can profit from it

This needs to be repeated a few times – all kinds of businesses can profit from digital marketing, not just the major ones. 

Be it a small business or big one, reaching the target audience is integral. Instead of setting up shop somewhere, and having to pay for rent and other facilities, small businesses can establish a virtual presence and still manage to run their business. 

Further, digital marketing helps businesses get real-time updates with valuable insights as well as data so that they can make the optimal use of their resources. Therefore, businesses, who don’t have the power to get the help of market research companies, can still perform well. 

#4 A digital marketing strategy is not really significant to a company’s business strategy 

This is so far from the truth. Every company’s business strategy should incorporate digital marketing to really be effective. 

As more and more users get added to the various social media platforms, and the number of online searches for product information goes up each day, the website of a company plays a vital role here.

It acts as the perfect ‘shop window’ so that the online customers can be educated about the company’s products and/or services. Having a valuable online presence has become vital for all companies in our dominantly digital lives. 

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#5 It is a technical concept

A lot of people believe, one of the most prevalent myths about digital marketing, is that it’s purely a technical feature and can only be done by computer specialists. That it is just restricted to coders. 

But all of that isn’t true at all. Digital marketing is a valuable marketing skill and is a great practical technological tool. As it is being embraced and taking over the marketing world, digital marketing is fast becoming important for companies at all the different stages. 

However, you can’t just know about the technology but its effectiveness is dependent upon the in-depth understanding of the marketing techniques as well as the business.

#6 Just designing a website is enough

Another one of the popular myths about digital marketing is that it’s all about designing a website for the customers. 

In reality, digital marketing is so much more than that. Just having a fully updated website that creates all the information about a company’s various products and services for the customers to keep up with their demands is not enough. 

There should be a constant upgradation of the content present on the website, along with the required usage of its other channels, so that there is a continuous stream of visitors.

Website Designing

#7 Optimization of websites for mobiles isn’t necessary 

There is such a thing as optimization of websites for mobiles and that is extremely important since it makes it easier for mobile-users to access the websites. 

Everything in marketing is centered around the customer and making it as easy as possible for them to get to the products and services provided by the company. This is where optimization of websites for mobiles comes in.

Not only is it cost-effective but just provides another step towards making it an easier experience for the customers so that it leaves a lasting impression on them. 

#8 Criticism on social media is harmful for any business 

This is one of the most widely spread myths about digital marketing – facing flak on social media leads to the framing of a business’s reputation and hence their customer base. 

When in reality, this isn’t true. When a customer is genuinely concerned and compans about a certain product or service, it should always be addressed and taken into consideration. The marketing team should directly talk to them and make sure that the required work is being done to right the wrong.

This should be treated as the golden opportunity it is – a way to improve the company’s products and services. 

Criticism on Social Media

#9 Search Engine Optimization isn’t relevant anymore 

Even after the influx of so many social media platforms as well as apps in the digital world, SEO is not dead yet. And this is one of the commonest but most dangerous myths about digital marketing that need to be debunked.

Search engine rankings still matter because it can help in getting a lot of relevant traffic for websites. Googling anything is, after all, the primary instinct of our generation and it’s gotten to the point that we almost can’t operate without it now. Remember – SEO is important.

Final Words

Making assumptions and not researching a topic properly can always do so much more harm than good. We live in a world of information abundance and therefore, should make the best use of them. 

It’s high time that these myths about digital marketing stop doing the rounds and there is more clarity of the revolutionary marketing concept that has taken over the globe. 

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