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Sumukhi Suresh launches new content company, Motormouth

With Motormouth, Sumukhi Suresh aims to bring stories with more female-centric characters and attempt to change the culture from a gender perspective.

Writer, Showrunner, Stand-up Comedian, and Actor Sumukhi Suresh launches her dream company, Motormouth, a company that will leverage Sumukhi’s experience to create, curate, and discover entertaining content for women across all platforms. Motormouth will create both long-form and short-form content including movies. The writers at Motormouth aim to change culture and gender lens using storytelling, but not skimp on jokes that will make you laugh at a funeral.

The range of characters male actors play or portray is enviously fabulous and Motormouth wishes to do that for female actors and eventually, with the right team, for other genders as well. “The market assumes that only men pay to watch for content, therefore making content for them is the wisest content move. But that’s only because they have been backed, championed, and invested in for decades. I don’t want a slice of that pie, I want my own pie. I have become who I am only because women across different age groups watch me and love me (sometimes hate too). I want to invest in that. So that 30 years later investing in content for women is the wisest content move”, said, Sumukhi.

On the idea that led to the inception of Motormouth, Sumukhi shared, “I had a dream to play the lead and not the best friend. I was told I don’t look like a lead and asked whether I would be able to carry a movie or a show on my own. The only way to prove that notion wrong was to create my own show with a fundamentally flawed protagonist who you grudgingly root for. My management, Only Much Louder (OML) backed my dream, sold it to Amazon Prime Video and now there are 2 seasons of Pushpavalli. Hopefully, I make more of these for myself and other doe-eyed Sumukhis.”

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Motormouth has already bagged two feature films for leading Indian producers. The content house’s first creation, an untitled young adult comedy thriller by Sumaira Shaikh and Sumukhi Suresh will soon be on the slate of a leading OTT Platform. Sumukhi Suresh will also play one of the primary characters in the show. She is also pitching a Tech Comedy to a leading producer in the USA through WME, the international agents. Further, Motormouth is also developing shows and movies on its own, to be ready with a plethora of options to pitch.

Apart from writing fiction content, Sumukhi is also building a team of writers to cater to branded content. In an increasingly digital-first world, brands are seeing greater value in working with artists to ideate on and write their campaigns. Creators like Sumukhi are able to gauge the pulse of today’s youth through their content and are proving to be better placed to come up with engaging content ideas for brands.

Aspiring writers can apply to be part of Motormouth and offer their expertise in idiosyncratic content creation by writing to her. The writer for almost all of Sumukhi’s project, Sumaira Shaikh, shares, “Sumukhi loves working with women and she has been blamed by the male writers that they are the token men in her writers’ rooms and I agree, boys are losers”, she says, laughingly and is co-creating a young adult comedy thriller with her, for a leading OTT platform.

​​Ajay Nair, Managing Director, OML, added “Sumukhi is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. She has proven that she can write and act and run a multi-crore budget production while making people laugh. With Motormouth, she is all set to become one of India’s powerhouse creators and storytellers and we are thrilled to participate in the journey.” OML will represent Motormouth.

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