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There is now an AI-generated client to reject your ideas

To replicate the feedback that clients provide and to predict rejection before it hits them, Dentsu Creative Amsterdam has launched a new AI experiment called ‘The Artificial Client.’ 

‘The Artificial Client’ is the personification of clients – they judge and critique in their own unique ways – replicating clients. There are three different personas for clients to represent their given characteristics and judge accordingly – the “Ruthless Critic”,  “Idealistic Dreamer” and the “Confused Creative.”

These AI personas, with their unique personalities, provide critiques on brand designs, UI designs, or TV scripts that are uploaded. The possibilities are endless, creatives can get real insights into their work, and these AI personas will assist users in making the right decisions. The AI personas serve light-hearted critiques of the inputs, the primary impetus seems to be engaging in conversation. 

The personas are a fun way of testing the wide horizons of AI. The Artificial Client stretches the boundaries effectively of how AI and human relations intermingle. 

The Artificial Client shows that nothing can replace a real client-agency relationship,” said Boris Nihom, co-CEO of Dentsu Creative Amsterdam in a press release. 

“Part of our job as an agency is to constantly test the limits of what’s possible with today’s technology. This is why, instead of writing abstract vision pieces, we have a dedicated team constantly building AI prototypes. The Artificial Client serves as a demonstration of the kind of use cases brands can build with AI. The same components that we used to create the Artificial Client, can also be used to give brands a unique AI voice through relevant, branded AI assistants. While the Artificial Client is not designed to be a working’s a fun way to show the potential of this exciting technology, blending different AIs in the future service of creativity and business to enhance the customer experience.” 
The ‘Artificial Client’ takes a dive into the sea full of possibilities that AI offers.

Source: Social Samosa

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