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TVH – The Visual House takes off with a ‘Press Refresh’

Recognising the evolving digital landscape, TVH (The Visual House), a communication agency underwent a brand refresh as part of its #PRESSREFERESH approach.

The centrepiece of this rebranding is TVH’s new logo – the birds symbolising the brand’s visions and the ability to reach great heights, which intends to capture TVH’s dedication to helping its clients achieve their goals by adding new direction and values.  

“In an ever-evolving world, adaptability and rejuvenation are key,” remarked the TVHians. “Organizations, much like individuals, must embrace continuous learning, evolution, and renewal to maintain a competitive edge. Our reimagined brand represents this philosophy through its vibrant, accessible aura, closely aligned with our foundational principles.”

As part of the refreshing exercise, TVH has also unveiled a new website, which intends to serve as a gateway for engagement with a wide array of audiences.  “From established brands to burgeoning creative talents across various sectors—be it social, government, or development—we invite you to delve into our website and follow our social media channels,” invite the TVHians.

If you’re an individual or an organisation looking to inject a fresh perspective into your projects, TVH is open for collaboration. 

“For those sharing our passion for continuous growth, TVH extends an invitation to connect over coffee,” says the team. 

With a fresh brand thought – #PRESSREFRESH, TVH aims to reaffirm its commitment to creativity, positivity & productivity and invite partners, clients, and creative minds to join in its ongoing transformation of creative exploration.

Source: Social Samosa

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