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Twitter introduces Circle for close-knit conversations

Twitter Circle is a new way for users to choose who can see and engage with their Tweets; it lets users add up to 150 people to a Circle and share some Tweets with just the group.

Twitter Circle has been designed to build closer, deeper connections with their followers without giving up the option of talking to everyone on the Timeline.

The feature lets users share their thoughts with a smaller group of up to 150 people. They choose who’s in the Circle, and only the individuals added can view, reply to and interact with the Tweets shared in the circle. People in the circle will see a green badge under Tweets sent to the group. These Tweets cannot be Retweeted.

Twitter began testing the feature in May 2022 with a limited number of users on iOS, Android, and the web. Now, after a test run, the feature is being rolled out to everyone globally. The update is for users who want to:

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  • Have more flexibility to choose who can see select Tweets
  • Feel more comfortable Tweeting and expressing yourself
  • Eliminate the need for alternate or secondary accounts
  • Be a subject matter expert on Twitter, but still be able to Tweet personal thoughts to your friends
  • Avoid toggling back and forth between protected and public account settings

“We want to help people break the ice, feel more comfortable Tweeting, and have a way to communicate more privately with people they choose. We built Twitter Circle with this in mind, and after testing and feedback, we’re releasing Twitter Circle to everyone. We will continue to build a healthier, more enjoyable Twitter so that everyone can join the public conversation on their own terms,” said Jay Sullivan, General Manager – Consumer & Revenue Product, Twitter.

In addition to the update, here are some of the other features that let users take charge of the Twitter experience:

  • Change who can reply to a Tweet midway through a conversation: Last year, Twitter had expanded its Conversation Settings to allow people to “Change who can reply” to a Tweet midway through a conversation.
  • Unmention: Another recently introduced feature, Unmention is a tool that helps you leave conversations you do not want to be a part of.
  • Remove followers: Twitter is also testing a way to make it easier to remove followers without blocking them.

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