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What is Remarketing and How it Works?

Have you come across the same website that you visited a day before, wherein you browsed through the website, selected the things that you liked or added them in your cart; is now popping up on all the other websites you are visiting and asking you to complete your process?

If yes, then my friend you have been successfully remarketed by the website.

What is Remarketing exactly?

Remarketing, is an extremely regular and well known type of computerized showcasing in which advertisers serve promotions to clients who have visited their site, or a particular page, and who have or have not made a particular move. It’s a compelling method for focusing on individuals who have as of now shown some interest in your business or brand.

In terms of technology, remarketing is the technique of employing a javascript code to place a cookie in the user’s browser (also known as a pixel). The cookie then tells a remarketing platform to serve targeted display ads via an ad exchange based on the pages or products that the user has interacted with or searched for on your website or app.

Difference between Remarketing and Retargeting.

Retargeting is mostly concerned with displaying advertisements to potential customers based on cookies, whereas remarketing is more commonly concerned with email. Remarketing works by gathering user information and developing lists that are then used to send sales emails.

Although retargeting and remarketing are both excellent approaches in and of itself, combining the two may be the most effective strategy for increasing your digital marketing activity and increasing your bottom line.

How does Remarketing work?

Have you clicked on any pop-up boxes like this one before?

Remarketing Example

When you click on accept or ok on these boxes, you are giving permission to these websites to remarket you.

An anonymous cookie stores various bits of information about site visits without storing any sensitive information like name or address. In turn, this cookie allows your ad platform to track the user’s visit to another site when she/he leaves your site and browses the web.

Advantages of Remarketing

1.  Direct towards Conversions

The average website visitor converts only 2% of the time. With the help of remarketing the percentage increases to 98%. The chances of customers converting on your website are 70% higher when they see retargeted ads.

By reminding visitors of their desire to engage with your organization, remarketing can assist them advance to the next stage of the conversion funnel. If a user exits a product page, for example, a remarketing ad can be displayed immediately, directing them back to the product page and encouraging them to proceed to the next stage of the funnel—adding the item to cart.

2. Increased Relevant Ads

To meet the interests and demands of each user, remarketing advertisements can be paired with personalisation. This can be accomplished through the use of dynamic ads, which tailors content and promotions to each individual user, ensuring that they are exposed to the most relevant creative.

3. Improved Brand Awareness

By providing incentives on a frequent basis, you can stay fresh in the thoughts of new and existing clients.

4. Economical Method

The cost of remarketing campaigns is not prohibitively high, especially considering the type of outcomes such as staying in touch with your audience, boosting the relevancy of your adverts, and strategically targeting the ideal individuals to boost brand awareness and overall sales.

5. Higher Return On Investment

Remarketing has a greater intent, wherein they retarget the clients who have already visited your website and indicated interest in your business, when compared to contacting a larger audience that may or may not be interested. As a result, you’ll be investing in clients who are more inclined to buy, which will allow you to recoup your investment and increase your profits.

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