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Why Writing, Talking And Designing Are Important For A Digital Marketer And How Digital Ready Teaches Them

Knowledge can only take you so far. There are several underlying skills that one needs to have a good grasp over if one wants to become an effective digital marketer. Digital Ready is here to not just teach you digital marketing, but to see to it that your overall development happens as well.

Why is Writing, Talking, and Designing Beneficial for Marketers?

Having good writing skills, the ability to communicate, and a working knowledge of designing is pretty much mandatory for all marketers, because:

(i) Writing

Marketers need to be able to convey their ideas effectively

While many people can write, few can do it well. As a marketer, writing well means being able to convey an idea, message, or even a brand. This includes breaking down the features and benefits of a product into terms your audience can understand.

Need to Communicating cross departmentally

Strong writing skills are not only needed to create content for a brand’s audience, but they are also important when trying to communicate within your internal marketing team and with other departments.

Marketing is heavily dependant on content

Content marketing, social media messaging, and search engine optimization are all functions of digital marketing that depend heavily on quality writing. You can create as many blog posts or tweets as you want but if people can’t relate to your message then they aren’t going to engage with your brand.

(ii) Talking

Helpful in building and maintaining relationships

For a marketing strategy to work, marketers have to display excellent communication skills. This skillset is needed to create a unique emotional bond with the clients. Showing how valuable and important they are will help establish this connection more efficiently.

Increases transparency

When trying to convince them to buy the company’s products or use services, showing how valuable and important they are will help establish this connection more efficiently.

Aids in facing and overcoming marketing challenges

Running a successful business is not easy. There are many obstacles the employers have to overcome. The same goes for the marketing world. In such situations, they have to be strategic and organised enough to direct all their efforts and resources into accomplishing their aims. Communicating effectively is vital for this.

(iii) Designing

Build credibility

Design is the most important factor in establishing credibility. It is critically-important in making a good first impression and converting a prospect into a customer. Leads can turn into clients with the help of good design.

Ensure your message resonates with the audience

Design evokes emotion and can be psychologically compelling. It is an integral part of your branding having been used to create the colors, personalisation and consistency that lead to recognisability.

Tell your unique story

Designing can easily make or break a brand. They can even help people in standing out. Telling your unique story in your own unique way helps a great deal in making a connection with the target audience.

How will Digital Ready Help You in Developing These Skills?

Our course in digital marketing will help you in developing these skills in the following ways:

1. We’ll help you understand the value of these skills in a marketer

What marketing is, how it can be useful for your career and what all it entails will be taught at length to you in our course. Not just that, but how these skills and how they come into play will also be taught.

2. We’ll teach you how to communicate your point across effectively

With the help of weekly and even daily assignments upon which feedback and assessment will be done, we’ll be teaching you how, as a marketer, you can put your point across effectively.

No matter the level of our intelligence or academic achievements, if we can’t get our point across with clarity and confidence in a meeting or an interview, we’re at a disadvantage. That’s why verbal communication skills are vital and are an essential part of our curriculum.

3. We’ll offer weekly feedback so that you can keep improving

We understand how important a role feedback plays in education. Further it also helps in learning by helping adopt new knowledge sooner and avoid repetitive mistakes.

By creating a clear and honest communication flow when learning something, it saves the time of correcting someone’s work, reduces errors caused by miscommunication to a minimum, and prevents regrets of those who feel like they failed.

4. We will ensure that your soft skills are improved

Soft skills are character traits, personal attributes, and other non-technical abilities that help you work and communicate with other people. Some soft skills you might have to study and learn, and others might come to you naturally.

For the ones that need to be taught, we’ll be right there to teach you. And the ones that are naturally there, we’ll help you in enhancing them.

5. We will teach you the best practices of copyediting

Copywriting is an art and we teach you how to be an artist. A sales copy aims to persuade a reader to take a specific action – to buy a product, inquire about your service, join your email list, download a free report, or follow you on social media.

Perfecting your sales copy or even knowing how to write an effective one that can convince people to buy your product/service can change the game for you. We’ll teach you about the most impactful writing techniques.

6. We’ll teach you how to design great social media posts using Canva

Canva is a leading graphic design platform that enables users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and a whole lot more with its ready-made layouts. It provides options for images, filters, icons and shapes, and fonts.

Essentially everything you will need for an amazing design can be found on Canva. We’ll teach you how to make the most of Canva and create some awesome designs together.

7. We’ll provide you with ready-to-use templates

Visual imagery is vital to a successful social media program. It’s pretty common knowledge that social media posts with images or video generate more impressions and clicks than posts without imagery do.

With the help of our ready-to-use templates, you can get started right away. Without wasting any time.


Writing, talking, and designing act as the fuel on which the ride of a digital marketer’s career runs. At Digital Ready we believe in the holistic growth of our students and we devise our curriculum accordingly. When you’re done with the course, you won’t just have knowledge of digital marketing but also know how to present yourself as a fully-qualified digital marketer.

Source: Digital Ready

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