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Case study sessions give an insight of what is actually in the market – Malvika Gupta, PGP DSBA


I am a teacher by profession, teaching in an engineering college for the last 10 years. I am teaching programming languages to budding engineers. Before joining this DSBA program, I figured out that whatever I am teaching or learning is bound by the prescribed curriculum and a conventional teaching-learning methodology.

Time management and understanding of this type of environment as I am working in a completely different domain. But then I took it as a challenge, and to be very honest, it was a fabulous experience, every day in the evening coming home finishing with the household stuff and then after listening to the videos and completing quizzes, it really kept me busy, which I wanted the most.

My friends suggested Great Learning, and then I read about it in Economic Times. The DSBA program of GL was listed in the top 8. So, I decided to pursue this, and when I spoke to Ms.Vaishali for the first time, she cleared all my apprehensions about this program and other stuff like fees and all. 

Being a teacher, I always prefer classroom teaching, but because of my busy schedule, I can’t do any classroom courses, so for me, this online came like a boon in disguise. I got a chance to interact with mentors who were always ready to help me out whenever asked. Always ready to tell me the real-life applications of the concepts which we studied during this course. I am really grateful to Mr. Srikant and Mr. Deepak for helping and guiding me. The sessions were very crisp, informative, and clear. Mentors were so patient in answering each query. They actually wanted to help us in every possible way, sometimes the sessions extended by 1 hour or even more than that but they were very keen to resolve all our issues. Not only mentors but also my program managers, Ms. Sakshi and Mr. Lakshya Bhatia, all made my journey very smooth. Mentors by resolving all my doubts and helping me in odd hours.

I got job offers and many job opportunities after doing courses through GL excelerate. After learning these skills, I feel even more comfortable in teaching my students these topics with different case studies and real-life scenarios. Do attend all mentor sessions and try to finish your videos before your mentoring session. Attend all end-to-end case studies that will give an insight into what is actually in the market.

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