Focus first on strengthening the basics of statistics – Akshay Deepak, PGP DSBA


I am a 2015-17 batch graduate from IMT Ghaziabad and have been working with L&T Realty group for nearly 4.5 years in CX Management & Digital Transformation, working on aspects of Customer Experience Management, business process reengineering, QMS, Data Analytics, CX strategy formation, CRM System implementation, ACD systems, AI-enabled Chatbots Handling.

To have hands-on knowledge & experience of data analytics principles, tools & techniques, I did explore various courses. However, I found the Data Science and Business Analytics course from Great Learning quite comprehensive. 

Mentored Learning sessions have been really good, and faculties have been competent with good command over the subject. The sessions were highly informative and insightful. Really happy with the quality of the sessions. Found Mentors to be very approachable & helpful.

I have got a better understanding of statistical methods, approaches, tools & techniques, which have added great value to the work I do. 

A piece of advice that I would like to share is: Focus first on strengthening the basics of statistics and then on the tools.

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By AlJazeera