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From Passion to Career – The transition that I was looking for finally happened – Radha Swamy, PGP DSBA



I have been working as a Credit Manager in Aavas Financiers Limited for approximately 5 years. I was working on credit assessment and credit risk. I wanted to switch roles and was struggling to take up an analyst role, but I didn’t get the apt platform and the direction to achieve so. I wanted to work for something where I didn’t have to push myself but to do it out of my passion and will. Having said that, the transition that I was looking for was finally met in the DSBA program. It has opened a wide horizon for me to take my passion into my career, and it really served as a “Felix Felicis” that I was looking for, for a long time.

The entire journey was filled with a lot of hard work, utilization of skills possessed, confidence and patience. I had gone through 3 rounds of interviews. The rounds revolved around some of the skills such as: technical, analytical, behavioral, and managerial. Being a working professional, it was really challenging to manage both the work and curriculum at the same time. The mentor sessions helped a lot. The continuous assessments, submission, feedback, quizzes, entire learning process, leader board, etc., all played a vital role in keeping up my pace. Other factors like zeal to make transition support from family and friends too helped in carrying out the enthusiasm throughout.

Mentor support plays an extremely crucial role in the learning journey. I am thankful to my mentor Mr. Surya Sir, Tejas Sir, and Prabhu Sir, who have helped me and the entire batch with not only sessions but also by sharing the extra knowledge approach to making sure that our concepts are cleared then and there. The entire curriculum is systematically designed to have a quick recap as per the convenience of potential students.

I now feel that finally, the decision was made a year ago, and all the hard work has finally paid off. I can really see the difference between what I was doing a year ago and where

I stand now. This is just the beginning of it all, and I plan to reach the pinnacle of success and make the best out of what I have learned so far and continue enhancing the learning curve henceforth.

I would like to advise: If someone is really serious about the transition, they should first retrospect as to what all are their interest areas. Once that is discovered, per-say that’s Analytics. One must be mentally prepared to work hard and must develop the zeal to learn. Furthermore, I recommend enrolling in the Post Graduate Program as I did.

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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