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Great learning provided me with the guidance I was looking for – Priti Solanki, PGP CC

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Upskilling in Cloud Computing can be a great way to power ahead your career. Read further to learn about Priti’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Cloud Computing Course in her own words.

Tell us about your personal story and your professional background. 

I started as a full-stack LAMP developer in 2005. I developed multiple applications focused on the frontend, which made me realize how important optimized backend systems are. Hence shifted gears to Backend (Sr. software engineer), which made me realize how important the business process and interconnected system components are. To explore further, I challenged myself to be a Technical team leader, which made me realize how important the foundation of the system is. Interestingly, working on the foundation (Act as Architect, technical consultant) has taught me the importance of culture, process, people, system, and their constraints. Since then, I have turned myself into a lifelong learner, builder, and problem solver. Find more about me: 

Have you experienced a career break? If yes, how easy or difficult do you think it is for women to return to a job following a career break?

Yes, I do. The technical space in which I aspire to serve is challenging for women, irrespective of a career break. I am definitely seeing the challenges coming up in my ways, but I am positive.

What made you decide that you want a career in Cloud Computing?

I work closely in backend application development, deployment, to technical assistance to customer support. I have witnessed in my working the business need to embrace the cloud. Hence, the next big thing is to learn how to leverage emerging cloud technologies for businesses. What career advice would you give to a young female who wants to transit into the Cloud Computing Field? I believe one is driven by their passion. Hence, If you have a passion for it, go for it.

Why did you choose us? How did Great Learning help you in your learning journey to get you to meaningful learning outcomes?

I took a break in 2021 to work on my personal commitments. I recognized that it’s a good chance to build the foundation which I am looking for in cloud computing. While researching multiple courses on the internet, Great learning stands out for executives in the content and in the timeline. I was expecting my personal things to be over. Great learning has given me a niche skill to reason over solutions while designing. You get to talk to, listen to experts from the cloud computing fields, which enriches one’s knowledge. I am a curious person by nature; hence I need someone to ask questions and reason. Great learning provided me with the guidance I was looking for.

How did you manage the Program while balancing between your personal and professional life?

Discipline. Booked my calendars at the start of the course for course timeline and assignment submission. It is a must. It will help you to focus better. Set dedicated learning hours every week. 

How have your recently acquired skill sets helped you in your professional and personal life? 

Personally, it’s a fulfilling experience of learning new things. Along with my studies, I finished my AWS Solution Architect Associate certification and Azure fundamental certification along with the GL course, which I am proud of. Professionally, I am sure that I will be more mature in my decision-making and system architecture.

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